I Become Part Of The GameMaster Team

yousri002yousri002 Posts: 0Member Beginner

• In-game name : Bad_Boy_x

• Blackshot.com ID (login) : yousri002

• First name : yousri 
• lost name: hali

• Age :18 years in 04/11/1999

• Email : srihayou@gmail.com

• Mother Tongue : arabic

• Further languages :" english","french" [And all the Arabic dialects of the" Egyptian" "Algerian" "Moroccan"]

• Country  : tounisia

• Nationality :tounisia

• Gaming Experience : ALL" blackopes "," counter strike"

• Quick description explaining why you think you would be a good addition to the team : i play blackshot in 2010 =8 yers i Play the game and i play 7 -12 hour in day I guess I have some experiences

I want to be part of your team so I can fight the mess and I want to organize the "event" and help you to upgrade the game to a level and fight the "hackers" to be the most beautiful game in history

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