The return of Hawka - From hardcore maritime to adventure fascinated sailor

Oh hello there!
You may don't recall who I'm so let me introduce myself !

I'm Hawka. In the previous game server I used to be a hardcore maritime admiral, especially in melee fights.
When the game got reset, I stayed away for a long time, missing many chances to attend boosting events that could help me rank up my character.

When they announced the Order of the prince update and their boosting event and new Shipbuilding system, I decided to give it a try. I've been drowning again in the depth of this game and took it a chance to bring my toon back again on its feet.

But I also decided to change my game career. In the previous server, I didn't work on the most interesting part of this game, adventure. I worked hard on adventure skills when I returned and made most of the thesis concerning adventure skills. Guess what? I'm now enjoying the game at most!

Thanks to my friends who helped me once I returned I started again, and currently enjoying adventure and trade runs, but maritime is still flowing through my veins, that I own 3 battleships... surprised? haha!

This is going to be my captain log, and I will update it eventually with my adventures and discoveries, and perhaps I could make some videos in the game so stay tuned !

See you all in the oceans and sale safe!

Hawka~ of Uncharted Waters Online
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