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We have a New team joining the ranks here at Dekaron and would like to introduce them to you! They are the bug team and their job is to investigate any and all bugs brought to them by us (The beautiful MOD's) or you (our awesome players), they also will be assisting in the weekly bug fixes and giving recommendations for our DEV team to improve and fix issues as they arise.

Dekaron discord handle - beerskee#0001
Hi Everyone, I have been chosen to be the Dekaron Bug Reporting Team Lead, I go by the in-game character of skeep. My team and I are volunteers that work behind the scenes to investigate bugs, create bug reports and QA reports to send to the Dekaron Development Team for fixing.

Please approach either myself or any of my team with bugs you find in game so that we can investigate, document and provide a possible fixes to the Development Team to squash those pesky bugs and improve your in-game experience.

Dekaron Discord handle - EternalDeath ☠#8859
Hello Dekaron community, StarBoy here and I am pleased to be selected as part of the bug team I’m looking forward to serve the dekaron community and hopefully make a change for the better.

Dekaron Discord handle - Shockolate#6531
Hello, my in game name is Shockolate I have been playing dekaron for a good number of years now, and I think it is time I brought something back to this game. I am on the bug report team as i find visible results is what motivates me the most, knowing I can make a difference to the game.

Dekaron Discord handle - Tattoo#1374
Hello I'm the summoner Vilius, feel free to bring me any bug you might find, I am a fixer at heart and have a great love of gaming and more specifically dekaron, I want to work to bring it to a really high standard of working order!

Please bring any and all bugs you might find in game to these players! They will be happy to investigate, but please remember to be as DETAILED as possible when reporting a bug the easier they can identify the root cause of an issue the quicker it will be fixed for all.

Happy hunting,
Team Dekaron
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