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Community Guidelines for Facebook, Forums and Discord

Hello, mercs! As you may or may not know, BlackShot Global and SEA are now more closely linked together in terms of game content, updates, and community events. To that end, we want to introduce our new Community Guidelines for Forums and Discord. We want these to be places where players, GMs and GAs interact with one another respectfully. Access to the BlackShot Facebook, Forums and Discord is a privilege, not a right, so please abide by these reasonable rules and we’ll get along just fine and dandy!

Please note that these guidelines are not an exhaustive list and may not address all types of inappropriate behavior. The GMs have discretion to address inappropriate behavior of varying levels of severity as they see fit.


The following are very serious offenses that will result in an immediate, non-negotiable permanent ban from the respective platforms, and under no circumstances will these bans be overturned.
These bans may extend to your game account as well, so be careful!

-Promotion of Hacktools and malicious websites
-Death threats to your fellow players, GMs, GAs, and Vertigo Staff
-Illegally sharing personal information
-Attempting to scam players, GMs, GAs, and Vertigo Staff
-Impersonating a GM, GA or Vertigo employee


These offenses can result in a warning from one of our GMs or GAs. If the warning is unheeded, a permanent ban from the respective platform will follow. If you wish to be unbanned, you can appeal the decision by contacting our support team at
In your support ticket title, include the title “Appealing of Forum/Facebook/Discord Ban”. In the description, include your Forum/Facebook/Discord username and explain why you wish to be unbanned.
Please note that if we decide to unban your Forum/Facebook/Discord account, any subsequent ban for any offense will be permanent and non-appealable!

-Insulting your fellow players, GMs, GAs, and Vertigo Staff (includes racist/bigoted comments)
-Using foul language
-Threatening physical violence
-Advertising non-beneficial, non-Vertigo related businesses, organizations or websites
-Account Selling or Sharing
-Sharing pornography and content that is highly insulting or depicts extreme real-life violence
-Promoting unauthorized Discord Channels
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