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Your greatest Revolutionary moments deserve eternal commemoration!

Record video of your greatest killstreaks in BlackShot: Revolution and we will choose 7 of you to be featured in an epic montage! You will also be rewarded like a true soldier of fortune.
Here’s how it works:

Send us a video 30 to 60 SECONDS LONG featuring your finest killstreaks in BlackShot: Revolution by posting a YouTube link at this forum thread:

- Include your IGN in your forum post.

- For a higher chance at being selected, we recommend that your video be in H264 (mpeg4) format and 1920x1080 resolution.

- If you have an existing BlackShot: Revolution video that you’ve already done, you can edit out the best 30-60 second segment from it and submit it.

- Don’t put background music, graphics, or any other external assets in your video. 

- If you are chosen, we will reply to your forum post directly. You will then be required to email us the video file.

- Your video will be assembled by us into a video montage alongside 6 other winners. You will also be credited 50,000 Gold, HK 416N 7d, and AWP Arc Reactor 7d. 3 Honorable Mentions shall receive 10,000 Gold, Uzi Graffiti 7d, and Azure Skyripper 7d.

DEADLINE: Video must be posted in the Forum link above before 10th Oct 2359HRS GMT+8.

Don’t you dare claim other people’s videos as your own! This is really bad and you’re gonna make me upset!

BlackShot SEA Team


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