Balance weps

WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
Your "Gun Parade" doesn't how how balanced those weps are, it shows how imba they are
1. BAMF series reload way too quick compared to other rifle, the higher ROF compared to HK is very noticeable
2. FMG feels like it does too much damage
3. MSR Omega reload speed too quick even though ya 5* but what happen to balance
If you want to make balance then you have to make everything relative to those you make buyable or AT LEAST gold repairable. your "premium" weps aren't balanced, you continue this it's going to be back to P2W. probably didn't catch many other things but please la, if you want to balance make sure its legit balance not some "sneaky cut away 0.5s of reload" thing


  • GMAFUBARGMAFUBAR Posts: 11Member, Approved Member Beginner
    Hello Waerze.

    We appreciate your feedback!

    We will take note of your concerns and will let the development team know about it.
    If you have more concerns or suggestions feel free to let us know more.

    Thank you!
    BlackShot SEA Team
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