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kerzgame00kerzgame00 Posts: 1Member Beginner
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Hi. I'm an old BlackShot player. And a fan of it. And I discovered this simple colour charms "free hack". I want to report it to GMs to fix. Well hopefully they can.


Edit: I hope not to share this website link to public. But to show to GMs. So hopefully my discussion will but be approved but this link will be seen and reveal by GMs. Thank you fellow GM.


  • GMAFUBARGMAFUBAR Posts: 11Member, Approved Member Beginner
    Hi kerzgame00,

    You should not send ANY form of link to any hacktool website in our forum.
    If you need to report the hacktools, incidents or anything related to BlackShot that needs our attention, do send to us via our Support Helpdesk.

    To send a Helpdesk support please click on the link below:

    Also do note that please refrain from doing such things again in the future as it can lead to a ban. So do be careful.

    Thank you!
    BlackShot SEA Team
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