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WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
edited October 2018 Feedback & Suggestions
First thanks for fixing the character collision thing. and rebalancing pistols.
but there really isnt any new guns being added dat can be bought using gold. the very first major update was de only one dat actually gave gold guns in the shop. now all ur guns need gems to get, which gets pretty boring if u don't pay money. pls give more gold guns in the shop.
also pretty big since i play SD office alot, look at attached video, please fix that invis wall. if not its very hard to kill rushers.


  • GASevenGASeven Posts: 19Member Beginner
    Hi Waerze!

    Thank you for the feedback, I'll be moving this to the Feedback & Suggestions section.

    With Regards,
    GA Seven
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