Halloween 2018 monster piece guide

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Farm in the field relevant to your level to collect
Monster fangMonster clawMonster eyeMonster WingMonster guts Monster Heart

Take these to NPC wingo in ardeca to exchange for


Costume stats - 15% all attack10% critical dmg15% movement speed10% critical resistance10% critical rate10% Monster damage tolerance

Special package has ALL of the items listed above inside.

Halloween random box contains ONE of the items listed at random on opening - it also only costs either 50 claw OR 50 fang OR 40 eye OR 40 wing OR 40 guts OR 5 Hearts.


Monster hearts are the only trade able item for this exchange you can also use the wingo NPC in ardeca to exchange your hearts to other materials.


One monster heart can be exchanged to any other item x1010 of any other items can be exchanged to 1 heart.
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