Halloween 2018 Spookulet and Log in event guide

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Spookulet guide and log in event.

Collect your tier one spookulet necklace from NPC Karin in ardeca

Materials required for upgrade -


This is currently stackable with previous years Spookulet.

Halloween crystals drop in the field, the best drop rate is from monsters around your level.

We have also revamped our log in event rewards as a replacement for our previous log in event which did not complete due to server errors.

Day one - Reinforced Blue scroll

Day two - copper argate x5 reward box

Day three - Monster Heart

Day four - Plier

Day five - Holy water of almighty 3 day

Day six - Meister rune 5 day exchange box

Day seven - Reinforced scroll red

Day eight - Great Trieste water

Day nine - Low class chance crest bundle

Day ten - Silver argate x 5 exchange box

Day eleven - Halloween crystal

Day twelve - Gold argate x5 exchange box

Day thirteen - Argate lucky box

Day fourteen - Holy water of almighty 3 day

Day fifteen - Monster heart

Day sixteen - Enhanced growing destiny wings 15 day exchange box

Day seventeen - Triestes golden key

Day eighteen - Pumpkin big candy

Day nineteen - Halloween crystal

Day twenty - Pumpkin rune seven day exchange box

We hope you enjoy the halloweencentric log in event and apologise for the inconvenience of our last log in event having errors!

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