[LOG] 2018-10-24 Scheduled Maintenance [23:00 CEST] - UPDATED

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Hello La Talers!

New Events have been added:

Halloween Party: Hunt for the Grim Flayer

1. Kill Grim Flayer and his minions to get Souls.

2. Each soul will give you Halloween Point - randomly ranging from 5, 20, 50, 75 or 100 points.

3. All points collected will be accumulated for live event points - for Ranking.

4. Some of the awesome prizes - depend on your ranking:

- Rank 1: Great Kina Pet Coupon

- Rank 2: Great Nine Pet Coupon

- Rank 3: Great Madam Skull Pet Coupon

Important Note: 

1. Players MUST have an empty spot in "Pet Inventory" to open Souls for Halloween Point.

2. Grim Flayer and minions will spawns twice everyday at 03:00 CEST and at 15:00 CEST. - Magical Forest 1

3. Grim Flayer will only spawn at one channel.

4. Leader board will only updates once daily at 04:00 CEST.

- Halloween Party: Trick or Treat

1. Killing Doll Street Mobs will get a chance to drop an Event Pumpkin.

2. Break open the Event Pumpkin to reveal "Trick" or "Treat".

3. Trick - you will get a Candy

4. Treat - you will get a Special Event Reward

5. Accumulate Candy can be exchanged for some fabulous item from NPC Treo n GM Event Map.

Event End with this update:

- Doll Street Festival: La Tale Alphabet

1. Players are still able to exchange rewards - end on 10/31 after maintenance.

Monthly Sales and Halloween Flash Sales:

1. New Monthly Sales items have been updated.

2. Halloween Flash Sales item have been added - start from 10/27

We will be launching some exciting events for La Talers in coming weeks! Stay tuned for more information in regards to these events.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

 Enjoy La Tale!

- La Tale Team

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