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edited November 2018 Announcement

Ahoy Captains!

After listening to user’s feedback and discussing among our team, we have decided to test a change for the
Captain’s Ticket to better fit the needs of our players!

Captain’s Ticket will be updated with brand new contents and price on November 7th, 2018
The new contents will have the same as the Treasure Cove contents!

The price for the Captain's Ticket has been decided as followed:
Captain's Ticket x 1 = 198 UWC
Captain's Ticket x 10 = 1584 UWC (20% OFF)

In order to make these changes, Captain’s Ticket will be temporarily removed from Cash Shop from Oct 30th to Nov 7th, 2018.

With the change in content and price, that means that the Captain’s Ticket content after Nov 7th will not contain items of the same value as the current price reflects (440 UWC).

Because of this, we strongly recommend those who still have Captain’s Ticket to spend it before November 7th so that you can receive items that correspond to the value of 440 UWC.

We will announce the new price point in the near future!

See you all on Seas! 

-Team Uncharted Waters Online
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