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Ahoy Captains,

We are happy to announce that 3 new Community Advisors will take part in our Community Support Team as of today: [CA]Jean_Dupleix, [CA]bzbz and [CA]Roiber!

Many of you will recognize these CAs and know their responsibilities, but for the rest of you, their roles are the following:
・Generally assist players in-game
・Report bugs/illegal activities to GMs
・Collect feedback and suggest improvements to GMs
・Monitor the in-game public chat

In order to get to know them better, here is the short introduction of our CAs:

How long you have played UWO:
I am playing UWO since April 2013 and never took a break of more than 2 weeks. I joined LesRebellesFrancais within 2 days and lead the company since May 2013

Things you are good at in the game:
I have always been a collecting + crafting trader and always helped new players.
I am happy to help with trading including nanban mechanics, crafting including aide production, private farms and refined crafting, collect + procure. Also I am happy to help with anything regarding company administration including company house, colony, shared storage and nanban - also recruitment and other management questions. (My company LRF rose from 8 members to about 40 in the first about 18 months I was in charge). As a known non-maritimer I am always happy top help with tips to avoid player pirates :)

Things you have achieved for the community:
Fairly soon after being put in charge of my company I started to work towards a better communication and cooperation with other French companies to make the French community more fun to be a part of.
Also I am encouraging new players to take part in ESF even if no fancy warships at hand or battle skills still low - if I can take part almost everybody meeting minimum requirements can :)

How long you have played UWO:
I started playing UWO when the host was NetMarble before South East Asia was even available, that would make it at least 5 years but can be as long as 6-7 years.

Things you are good at in the game:
I'm good at being self sufficient, that is from plundering the recipe book to making the item and equipment, all the way to building my own ships. On top of those, I also know a few things about nanban trading and exploring the world of UWO (aka Adventure).

Things you have achieved for the community:
I was a Firstmate back in GAMA for a long period of time. I'm also one of the few who trial the graveyard shift in the past as an attempt to expand the FM support hours around the clock.
Wrote a guide that was used on the previous host's UWO wiki, it tells you a few things about nanban trading and it's a good bedtime read as it's 7 chapters long.

How long you have played UWO:
I have played since 2012/2013 

Things you are good at in the game:
My first love in this game has always been shipbuilding, though it is far less of an 'art form' now than it was under the old ship building system. I have a wide range of things I consider myself 'good' at in the game, but am always learning something new all the time. This game has such content depth that you can spend years exploring it if you give it a chance. I am an avid PVE player, and cash player, but have never played this game for PVP, so I tend to view the game through that lens. 

Things you have achieved for the community:
While I would like to think I have earned enough respect in the game over the years to have a leadership role in the community, I really believe that nearly every player (with rare exception) contributes to game in one way or another and achieves something for the community at large. While we all have our differences in opinions from time to time (and I am by far no exception) whether your are, a trader, adventurer, or maritimer, it is our varied interests and collective contributions, both big and small, to the community that keeps the game moving forward. 

See you all on the Seas!

-Team Uncharted Waters
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