Melhoria Do Blackshot!!

Good Afternoon, I appreciate the understanding of the BlackShot developers and the GM's attention at times! More like most of the players have been asking and we have already seen that you are going to change some points that we asked for, I ask again that they bring positive points so that the game becomes once again the famous BlackShot Classic as you say, Blackshot was already one of the best games that when we entered the lobby was full was impossible to enter .. more this Revolution in my opinion will never be metedade than the classic was, why we blackshot players of 2009 know that this game was the best and we had pleasure to invest in it with our money ... and I ask that for you to improve the game continue listening to the opinions of the players like for example to put the Ak in the shoop again, to return the old patents, the vests to which already it has seen a game fps no vests, where you already saw a game without freetoplay we have to be induced to spend our money to be better in the game yes and is not disadvantage for those who do not have enough to put bsc too ... scope, silencers etc tb should return to the shop..these are some points which desaniama to play the new blackshot .. hope you can change it neither by me more by all the players which play .. thanks de ja thank you and hope to see the blackshot return to Classic .. thank you! Good Weekend!
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