Sailor Trainers Recruitment ((CLOSED))

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This application is now CLOSED. Thank you for everyone who applied!

In order to help new UWO players during their early levels, Team Uncharted Waters would like to recruit several volunteers to act as Sailor Trainers.
The Function of Sailor Trainers:
・Sailor Trainers are a group of anonymous experienced volunteer players who are willing to contribute some hours per week to help new players with learning and adapting to the exciting life in Uncharted Waters Online!
・They will stay in the World Chat and School Chat channels during their shifts to answer questions and give guidance to new players. If you see them and have a UWO game-related question, feel free to ask them.
・Each Sailor Trainer’s shift is 2 hours long. At least 1 shift/week is asked for Sailor Trainers. We especially welcome STs during the weekend to assist players.
・Because Sailor Trainers are normal players who are acting as volunteers and do not have any GM power or access to information that is not publicly available, please be respectful and understanding towards them.

Requirements and Responsibilities:
If you are interested in joining Sailor Trainer, here are some basic requirements and responsibilities:

・Experienced with the game - 6 months or more continuous playing of UWO.
・Active player - Usually log on and play the game on a daily basis, and will be staying with the game for many months. 
・Good researcher – Can and willing to quickly look up various game related wikis for information. 
・Great personality - Patient, friendly, mature, and enjoys helping new players. Some situations can be frustrating at times, but Sailor Trainers should always try to be calm. 
・Reliable – Sailor Trainers will be signing up for a minimum of 1 shift per week (1 shift is 2 hours). Sailor Trainers should be timely and efficient during their shifts.
・Communication – Sailor Trainers should have good communications with each other, the CAs, and GMs to prevent avoidable issues and resolve issues.

・Sailor Trainers will be assisting players through a pre-made account separate from their personal one. They will be easy to recognize as they will have [Sailor Trainer] in their names.
・Compensation will be given to Sailor Trainers based on the number of shifts they volunteer.
・Skype is the main form of communication among the STs, CAs, and GMs. Please ensure that you have or are able to make a Skype account for this.

Application Process:
・Applications accepted until 3:00pm, December 10th (PST)
Only successful candidates will be contacted via email.

How to Apply:
Submit an Application Form from here.
*If you need to edit you form after submission, follow the link to make changes.

See you all on the Seas!

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