Maritime Guide (Award Winning)

JGlacierJGlacier Posts: 2Member Beginner
Below is the guide I mentioned in the other thread. It earned me a cash ship from an OGPlanet event and was perma-sticked but the whole forum is now gone so I'm just re-posting it here for those who may be interested. I guess recommended ships / cannons / aides / grinding spots and such may be outdated but effective controls / set-ups and strategies / general PvP wisdom should still be relevant (or so I hope). 

P.S. I tried copy and past the whole thing but it exceeded the word limit by >20k words so I'm attaching screen shots... If I know how to post MHT files (or even word doc) I would but I don't lol so I guess the Ctr+F function is not going to work for now.




  • FerrolioFerrolio Posts: 56Member Beginner
    While it's true that some of that information is indeed outdated - there is still a lot of good stuff in there and I can see why you won a prize for that guide. Nice work and thanks for posting it.
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