new update

WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
not very happy w the new update
1. y are all the ak gold awp gold buyable in gems when deagle is in gold? like whn is there gonna be anymore gold weps? bc if there isnt then dont bother saying "ALL weps will be repairable by gold"
2. sniper qq speed went down by so much? not sure if buy or not but if its intended then why?
3. slightly concerned that ur new mk12 desert has awp damage n dragunov ROF, back to p2w? gem wep or not aside that idea is alr crazy like r u trying to make a rly imba weapon n have it for gems so people will buy n then u get money or? bc if thats what u wanna do then dun even bother saying its "no longer p2w" and that"we make the game fair" bc nope ure doing nth at all to do dat
pls, u all say make the new blackshot into a fair game and wanted to remove p2w. then now u wan to add all the gem things here there even tactic points can buy with gems, honestly dk if yall actually intend to make more people come play the game bc "its supposed to be more fair and better than last time" or ure just milking money from evryone here that's already playing then when u get enough money just shut the whole game down. pls la, u talk the talk, dun even need to ask you to walk the walk, but get up and take 1 step or something can anot? dun even need to walk alr take steps oso cannot?
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