Buck up. Step up.

xsky33xsky33 Posts: 2Member Beginner

A company that is full of empty words and scams. Previously stating that this game will no longer be 'Pay to Win' instead it will based on 'Skills'. In the end, it is still the same. Pay to win, Tactics Gear, all I see is that you guys just changed the names and looks of the items. Instead of taking our advise and suggestion into consideration, you guys changed and ruined the game as you want! How ridiculous and utterly crap is this? And stop asking us to send 'Support Ticket' if you are going to be self centered and do nothing about it. Fucking laughing stock game. If you cant even manage and deter the hackers in the past, dont even fucking change the game entirely. Revert back or else this game is going no where. And dont tell me you cant if you can change the game drastically, why cant you just revert? Ohh prolly didnt save or have the existing old version of it anymore.

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