PluciakPluciak Posts: 19Member Beginner
will you do something with these lags? because the Turks pass through the walls, USA, Canada, Israel, it is impossible to play, it will also start lagging and it will end, you can not see a man and I am already falling down, what it is supposed to be.


  • DruidaDruida Posts: 379Member Trainee
    Turk + german lag in wr since 2010, but most gamer from those nation so lagg will be never fixed
    I sugested multiple time turk+german only server or turk/german free server

    There is 2 server nominate one to them and problem solved
  • PluciakPluciak Posts: 19Member Beginner
    fuck you do something because you can not play, turks on the wall will go as you like, you pay for weapons and you huja do not do anything. I want to get rid of everything I have 40 years fuck and turkish baits are zapierdalaja in the lags and you do not ban but for ovc to make a game like this. Pajas fucked
  • zboukiezboukie Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Agreed. At this point it is very rare to even have a full game. We know you HGM have read all the post about a way to fix this, or perhaps to open a server here in North America. That way, the game can finally be balanced. Be what you preach about GMS. Cmon now!
  • xxprobashxxxxprobashxx Posts: 24Member Beginner
    What the fuck? We germans lagg in wr xD? How braindead is this answer hahaha

    We germans have the best net in WR since 2007 but okay :D 

    When we germans the "lagger", so explain me why we germans have everytime full bars of ping ?

    Ping means not only the distance to server ... Thats the brainless mythos what all think in wr

    then its really sad that all with full ping see the ppl with lowping later as they see us ;)
  • N0HCH0N0HCH0 Posts: 390Member Trainee
     Pluciak try anti german and anti turks connection forcelag. 
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