Holland Trade Company (Hollandse Handels Maatschappij).

About us

The Holland Trade Company (Hollandse Handels Maatschappij), is a recently and newly created Company now looking for new members.

Originally founded as the Amsterdam_Compagnie, a small
Amsterdam based Guild who has since been slowly expanding into a more regional
wide organization. It has the overall goal of promoting trade, common welfare
for it’s members and the nation it’s based on. Needless to say that everyone
belonging to allied or friendly nations are welcome to be a part of our Company
with equal rights and benefits.

The Company will, in time, create it's own Private and paid Navy/Army, which will garantee the safety of everyone within the Company from any hostile forces.


Company Constitution:

members within the Company have inherent rights which are inalianable and
certain duties/responsabilities towards their fellow Company members, which
they will need to uphold.


The Holland
Trade Company is an institution founded on democratic values, where members
have a right vote on all matters  that
concern the Company.


Company works on the basis of Free Trade, meaning, all it’s members are free to
work, trade or negotiate independently from the Company; unless decreed otherwise
by the latter. Note that the Company is free to change it’s stance from Free
Trade to Protectionism (and vice versa) at any time via internal voting.


Company actively forbids and condemns Piracy or any other hostile acts that
aren’t made in self defense. Any member caught actively engaging in hostile
acts will be expelled without the right to return.


Company reserves the right to alter any points of the Constution if at least
half it’s members see fit, or when the need arises.


All members
have an equal vote in the Company Council.


the equal voting, the Military Branch (Navy/Army) is ultimately subjected to
the Civil authority; Moreover, all branches work independently from each other
on certain affairs.


Company members (except Merchants who make their own gains), are to be paid on
a monthly basis from the Company funds. All ammounts will be specified and are
subjected to change when needed.


direction and decisions are all made together, unless there are individual
actions that need to be taken by any of it’s members.


Company will have a Company Fund, for it’s members needs, but this will be heavily
monitored and all are expected to contribute a certain portion of their money
or goods (to be negotiated) to keep the Company Fund viable. Everyone is
expected to give their fair shair, as this is the money that is used to help
struggling members, pay for wagers, invest, etc.

What we are looking for:

As mentioned above we are looking for willing members to join us, with preference for the Dutch Nationality (ingame), but we always welcome everyone, and if you're new to the game and just starting out, we will help you get started with advice and guides. Our main goal is to gather a group of friends, have fun, talk, and of course, make our Company as successful as it can be.

Want to know more about us? Want to join? Follow the link bellow to our official Company Discord:


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