Sailor Trainer Program Paused from Jan 1st, 2020

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ST Program Will Be Paused from January 1st, 2020

The Sailor Trainers will be retiring on January 1st, 2020. Thank you for your work!

Ahoy Captains!

We are happy to introduce the newest members to our Community Support Team: the Sailor Trainers!

Sailor Trainers are volunteer players who will assist players in their game-play, particularly to new players! Their role is to help answer questions and provide advice to players as much as possible.

<<How can I communicate with people?>>

Through World Chat (WC):

World Chat is the general chat channel where players use to communicate with each other. To activate it, click on “Community” on the top right > “World Chat Settings” > Select “All

Through School Chat (SC):

School Chat is the chat channel available for early-level players, that is available once you reach the town known as Sagres.

To activate it, follow the below steps:

[If your character is from Spain or Portugal]: 

Speak to "Port Official" > Select "To Port" > Select "Liner" > Select "Santa Julia." Alternatively, you can sail there with your own ship (Sagres is close from Seville and Lisbon)

[If your character is NOT from Spain or Portugal]: 

You will need Port Permits to go to Sagres. Follow the Beginner Tutorial > Speak to the Shipyard Master and Market Keeper > Go back to your Guild > Complete 1 or 2 Quests until you get a prompt about the "Rumoured Training School."

Other Ways to Communicate:

For "Tell" and "Say," your Character’s total Level (Adventure + Trade + Battle) needs to be 7 or higher.

Tell: Send a private message to a specific player by double-clicking on a character and selecting "Tell" or selecting "Tell" on bottom left and typing in their Character name in the box.

Say: Speak out loud so characters around you can hear you. Select “Say” on the bottom left.

<<How do I contact a Sailor Trainer>>

Sailor Trainers (also known as ST) will only be in Sagres, so you should find them there. They will also be on the World Chat and School Chat, so you can ask for them through those means as well.

If you want to talk to them privately, either double click on the character and select "Tell" or select "Tell" from the bottom left of their game screen and write the full name of the ST in the black box. (Your Character's total Level has to be 7 or higher to use the "Tell" function)

*Please keep in mind that Sailor Trainers are volunteers working at shifts, so they may not always be available or around.

<<How can Sailor Trainers help me?>>

Sailor Trainers can help you answer general game questions and give you advice on gameplay, such as how to get to Sagres or what to do to make in-game currency Ducats. 

Please keep in mind that Sailor Trainers are volunteer players, so they may not have all the answers to your questions. However they will do their best to help players with their questions.

<<When do I contact Sailor Trainer, and not CA or GM?>>

CA is "Community Advisor" who are volunteer players helping players of all kinds, and GM is "Game Master" who are Papaya Play employees, and manages players/events and enforces the Terms of Service.

If you have general game questions or gameplay questions, ask the Sailor Trainers. For more advanced questions on the game and gameplay, ask the Community Advisors.

For monetary transaction and Terms of Service violation issues, contact the Game Masters.

We also strongly recommend you first contact Sailor Trainers or Community Advisors, as they can quickly help you with many things or help point you in the right direction.

See you all on the Seas!

-Team Uncharted Waters

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