HACKER = LordOfHelL, with proof ! ! !

FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
One more hacker busted…

In Aquarius, last evening some dude collected huge mobs while being invisible, and he was soo fast....

Same route time after time, I made myself invisibe too and followed him to the place where he stopped to kill the mob. Exactly when the killing was done he got visible for a second and I managed to get a screenshoot of him.

The damned hacker this time was LordOfHelL

I hope Papaya check his IP and remove all his ACCs here, we don't need this kinda dudes here…


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  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Haha, the looser called me in game . . .

    He claims he just did Daily in Aquarius…

    If thats true, why was he invisible with a Bagi warrior while fixing mobs ? Thats impossible without hack.

    Bagi warriors dont have such skills, or maybe its just LordOfHelLs Bagi Warrior that can get invisible while he collect mobs? No... But maybe while hacking?  Right ?

    LordOfHelL get visible exactly when he kill his superfast, huge, mob, then he become inviseble next second and mobs gather after him as superquick shadows again…

    Same thing, over and over... "doing his Daily" he claim…. maybe he mean - his hacker Daily ?

    Face the fact, LordOfHelL, your a simpe hacker, and we don't want you here…. BUSTED !
  • someone119someone119 Posts: 66Approved Member Beginner
    Well we cant see a shit
    Post your screenshots here.

  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Ouch, I fixed the rights so that all can see images now, hope it work.

  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Another tiny Little thing . . .

    A summy with pet can attract more mobs then a Bagi, but theres no way I can attract as many as LordOfHelL did on the pic where u see him.

    And he is alone !

    Busted or busted ?
  • joshallen8995joshallen8995 Posts: 10Member Beginner
    Haha, that guy is full of shit. Always giving lame excuses. He's just a noob that is too weak to play the game properly that is why he needs hack. 

    What sort of daily in Aquarius lets you lure that many mobs? Wow, I wanna do it too! lol

    Ps. His alt is a noob summi Junior10 or something like that. 
  • chellemae27chellemae27 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Froboz all this are just a bounches of lies i can edit photos too and put you there also means your a hacker??? And also you can lure more mobs whit picante buffs just an lil info for you if you doesnt know now stop trolling about others as you did it whit DEADxxNxxLOST and meny others ! Your just a nub hater !
  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Answer to chellemae27:

    From what I understand your are either

    1. A friend to the hacker trying to help him/her, or
    2. you are the hacker - LordOfHelL

    And why ?

    I did absolutely NOT manipulate any pics and Im telling the truth - Hard to Believe ?

    Then Im sry but u gotta face the truth…

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  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Continue - chellemae27

    Ofc u can lure more with buffs but not the entire map (at least all monsters in the corner of the map we was in) and either you or the mob can naturaly run in rocked-speed, right? And how come he was invisible while luring mobs?

    I forgot to mention… After he killed the mobs he continued running through the wall as if it was not there.

    Finally - who the F is DEADxxNxxLOST you talk about? And trolling? You got all pommes frites on your plate?

    If this LordOfHelL is a friend of yours who turned out a hacker I can understand your sad, but its not my fault.


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  • mistilzmistilz Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
    my  question  is,  why  are  you  in that area?  being  195,  lmfao!
  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    I wanted to fix reward event and get some seed of Dreams at the same time.
    At lvl 195 I cant go to so many places to get high mobs enough to activate reward event.
    And more stupid questions from laughing asses falling off - mistilz ? ? ?

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  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    One thing that really bothers me thou….

    Does anyone at Papaya care about these hackers at all ? ? ?

    I posted a ticket to them, id 82568, 26th of december about this damned hacker and:


    Well, what to Think of this - KEEP HACKING ! ! !

    For me, Im about to quit Dekaron, Everything sux as it is now !

    Pay to win has never been a more true phrase, and how long do these players keep on?

    They get tired quite Quick and leave, but 1st they destroy the game for all the rest.

    So I decided those who pay can find Another target, Ive been around since 2moons, american server, and get smashed by any dude playing 2 months paying…

    Nice work Papaya !

    I might login to and fro - old habbit, but never be Active again.

  • FrobozFroboz Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    I checked my ticket, no 82568 today…

    Still NO answer at all from PAPAYA !

    Totally ignored for 1 Month and 6 Days...


    Pls give the game free to any other Company, really ANY other…
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