I want to buy scar omega 3h

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Hello there , where can i buy scar omega 3h? i want that weapon so bad . can i speack with a gm? or don't know ... or can somebody help my ? i pay for that weapon?


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    Hello Dear adythebest

    The Scar Omega is an weapon that was available in an event named ''Veteran Supply Package''.

    With this being said, all the informations about the ''Veteran Suppy Package'' can be found there : https://blackshot.papayaplay.com/bsglb.do?tp=news.view&postid=1813

    This rifle isn't available in the Gachaboxes or in the Shop, but, still you can share the suggestion on the right section in the forum.

    My Regards, Wishing you an nice day/evening.

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