Bring Back The Old Blackshot!

I have been playing Blackshot since 2009 when Garena was still managing Blackshot and was quite active until a year or two ago. A few weeks ago, I decided to play Blackshot for old-times sake and was shocked to see how shitty the game has become. Rank systems were gone, many weapons were nerfed, weapons that were very expensive and OP before has now become trash and dirt cheap. Now for you to be able to get golden weapons you don't even have to work to get to Grand Master anymore, which takes out the challenging nature of the game. Adam, Travis, Vanessa and Cathy are also now gone, turned into someone way completely different and it just removes the original feel of the game you get 3-8 years ago. Clan wars were also removed, I remembered I would always watch strong clans like Theocracy, HeavenRemix, GhostArmy all battle it out but now, it's just memories. I really miss the old Blackshot and I'm sure other people, whether veterans or not who has played Blackshot since Garena times misses the old Blackshot, When Garena was still managing Blackshot, those times were the best; from cashiers galore in '09 and many events that happened. The community used to be vibrant and awesome filled with friendly people and game the game too, used to be fun but now its just no more fun, it's like ruined. On behalf of the community,I humbly request that Papaya Play bring back the old Blackshot we all love.


  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate
    Here is where you should post this :

    I know this is from January 17th but I've been sleeping since then...
    Stopped playing because of Blackshot Revolution.
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     couldnt agree more
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    Hello FUELEDBYRAMEn and sorry for this late response.

    Thank you for sharing your improvement suggestions with us. Your suggestions have been taken into consideration and we will forward them to the management of the game to aware them and make the decisions that go with it.

    Once again thank you and wish you a nice day!

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