Community Feedback Survey (3 Quick Questions)

GMCalicoGMCalico Posts: 20Papaya Play, LT Lead GM Beginner
Hi La Talers~

Please click the link below and submit your feedback! We greatly appreciate your answers, and we are eager to improve your experiences with La Tale!

Thank you~!


  • PineapplecakesPineapplecakes Posts: 66Member Beginner
    The survey seems to have expired. What were the questions?
  • GMCalicoGMCalico Posts: 20Papaya Play, LT Lead GM Beginner
    Hi Pineapplecakes,

    The questions were:

    Which events are the most attractive, fun, and rewarding so far?
    2) Which flash sales do you think we should have next?
    3) What other LTC items would you like to see in the LTC shop?

    You can leave your answers in this forum thread. :)

    Thank you!

    -GM Calico
  • PineapplecakesPineapplecakes Posts: 66Member Beginner
    Thanks, I appreciate the answers!

    After giving it some thought, I finally decided to split my reply into 2 parts. First will be the part about the survey and second will be just some general feedback from me. (wall of text warning)

    The survey
    1) Which events are the most attractive, fun, and rewarding so far?
    2) Which flash sales do you think we should have next?
    3) What other LTC items would you like to see in the LTC shop?

    1) There are a couple that were good but I think I would lean towards the attendance style events being the better ones.
    2) ...
    3) I dont have much to say about 2 & 3 because during the times I am active, I like how Papaya play has handled both of these areas already. I don't have any specific requests at the moment.

    Extra feedback
    I love me some Latale but I also wonder about how can it be the best that it can be? One question I would like to ask people is "why do they play (why did they play) this game?" Speaking from my own personal experience I have several reasons but I can simply state that I started playing because I found that Latale was fun. So then the next question could be what makes Latale fun? This is the big question.

    I would guess that different players like it for different aspects and there isn't a one size fits all solution. But I can talk about my opinion as a single player. Exploring dangerous places, picking up loots and selling stuff on the market are a few activities that come to mind. Latale all by itself is what I would call a good and fun game but it is also fun to have other people around. They are not a requirement but it is just nice to add to the atmosphere of the game.

    To that end there is one idea for an event that I have. What about a back to the future, learn your roots or back to the past themed event? In it there could be a temporary server that is using Season 1 or Season 2 Latale. The main purpose of the event would be to give everyone a taste of what the game was like in the past. The secondary purpose could be to see if there could be enough interest to justify some kind of Classic or retro server for Latale.

    Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite classes and other things are in the newest version of Latale. But that is part of the reason why I recognize that there could be something valuable in Latale's past. For instance, what some might call a super competitive spirit among players or how needing more materials for crafting could affect the economy. More so than that it might be like exploring another corner of the Latale world for those who have not seen it before. Last but not least is the possibility of expanding the games reach and a chance of getting a larger audience.

    There is another online game I played (which I wont name) that ran a new version and an old version together and they gained a huge advantage in allowing new players to have more choices and options. Whether or not I think a Classic server should get more attention or anything is question for another day but in this one specific case of Latale, I think that such a service would be a good idea in the long run.

    I did not get a chance to play the early Latale and I do not know how difficult or impractical it may be to get a copy of it working again. (no pressure) However as one who is impressed by Latale, I have to ask about such a project. Even if its just to get someone to ask the developers if the concept is remotely possible under any circumstance. It is my duty as a person that is looking for Iris. Beyond the idea for an additional server, one more suggestion I would have is maybe for some kind of event to encourage more activity on the forums. Though I'm not sure what that could involve.

    If it is too impossible then everybody can ignore my wall of text if you like, I just got a little inspired there for a minute.
    TL DR: I think that Latale would be even better with a Season 2 server + the current server working together.
  • smaqqdaddysmaqqdaddy Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Can we get more events? Im tired of just flash sales. Its obvious how consistent you guys are trying to milk the players for their money. All we ever get are flash sales and login events, and you guys wonder why people dont play the game.

    You guys are GMs  but never host any events or make the server lively. Ususally in games the players would swarm the GMs but not this one. You guys are not doing your jobs well, and eventually it'll just lead to latale being removed.

    If it does come to that conclusion, i hope you money hungry PapayaStaff got what you wanted.
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