[NOTICE] Community Representative Application - Session 6 (CLOSED)

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Hello LaTalers~

Session 6 CR application is now CLOSED.

We are now opening applications for Session 6 Community Representatives.

1. Listen to community members. Distill ideas and concerns into a form that's easy to understand.
2. Record and report any bugs, glitches, hacks, or abnormalities within the game, including steps to reproduce them.
3. Uphold the Terms of Service for the game. Report any breaches of the Terms to the GM team directly.
4. Communicate with the players on tasks discussed and accomplished on venues such as the forums, Discord, or other future media outlets.

1. CRs will be responsible in the position for a 90-day period ("session"). [Session 6 will end on May 14th, 2019]
2. CRs cannot reapply for consecutive sessions.

1. You must have a Discord account to communicate with us.
2. You must be at least 18 years old.
3. You must be fluent in English (fluency in a second language is a plus).
4. You must have basic computer proficiency.
5. Most importantly, you must love La Tale!

Although all applications are appreciated, we will only contact the selected applicants for interviews. After the interviews have been processed, we will select and announce our new CRs on the forums.

Thanks for your continued interest!

- Team LaTale
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