Critism of the new update

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Hey dear Blackshot community,

I just want to share my opinion of the new update. It would be great if some other Players can say also something.
Firstly i have to criticize that all old weapons which was at Blackshot EU / Twowar also in Shop came back for cash.
I was so happy that normal weapons would come back and now i've seen that they are for gems. An AK Normal ? kidding … Each patch they bring more cashweapons in the shop and nothing for cashless Players.
Secondly why the hell is this weaponRace in competetiv mode. The most Players already cries if the match will become TFM. Now u have the Chance 1/3 for getting search and destroy. In the past i had the choice between the mode which i want to play. WeaponRace must be removed there ! 
3rd … the Price for G2.00 is also an Omega package … really imaginative
You must gift the Players a Goal and a reason for playing blackshot … at the moment i cant see something like this.
Where is the most important feature of this game ? The mastery … this should be one of the first steps of your work.
Comp Maps are a joke too. ist boring to Play all time the same. and 3 Maps … isnt enough

Blackshot will die if u will continue with your work like this. In my opinion u dont want to safe the game u still want to destroy it and hope the community will leave. 

I think u Need in your Team some old Players who Play this game for more than since 2013 for helping you. 

Greetings ... a Player who loved this Game


  • FeelsBadMan1337FeelsBadMan1337 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    This game is dead since ''revolution'' came in. They added weaponrace just to steal money from people. They want people to buy these bsc shotguns smgs and sniper coz all bp weapons are actually shit. In every update they only add bsc things. No game changes, no bugfixes, no even new maps in cw. Thats insane. I am already done with this game and i will never come back probably. 90% of community want back old blackshot but devs dont give a fuck. 
  • lightspeedlightspeed Posts: 0Member Beginner
    they said it won't be p2w but it is...and becoming worse as new weapons r released..
  • AldehyDeAldehyDe Posts: 5Member Beginner
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