[Tips & Tricks] Get EXP in POW_CAMP

llfr4nllllfr4nll Posts: 105Member Beginner
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  • josep16josep16 Posts: 27Member Beginner
    ya se ve que en este juego solo importa el nivel...
  • DruidaDruida Posts: 379Member Trainee
    Hm u making 1111 exp under 10 min +++++ with items (100euro more) and VIP guns XD

    I have slot 4 and getting base exp avarage 2500 with no spec items or guns
    Is this your record with all those VIP items???????????

    Under 10 min i can win easy mode in solo, with your gear can be done around max 9 min. why u not post that ??????????


    Peoples with no extra 600% exp will be disapointed when they make more score than u do and earn that 600 exp insted of 5000 LOL

    Fastest way to lv up spend real coins in game, and i wonder how so papaya still not sell items like:
    +50 000eexp for 5 euro
    +110 000exp for 10 euro
    +170 000exp for 15 euro...
    That would be a huge income to them, be te best of WR buy the new items :)

  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 567Member Intermediate
    Nice trick... Once, I've done 11k exp (with an Event ofc) camping into second stage.
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  • DruidaDruida Posts: 379Member Trainee
    The important info is when u have no items , no PX, no extra exp and no slot how much u making???
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