[BS-GLB EVENT] Mr Bombastic

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

How well can you Search and Destroy, merc? In this special edition GM event, you will only be rewarded based on bomb detonations or defusals!

✪ Details

- Every weekday evening, the GMs will host an SD match. They will announce the room location and password via lobby announcement.

- Enter the password and join their room. 

-Your team will be rewarded based on the total number of bomb detonations and defusals by the end of the match.

✪ Rewards

These rewards go to BOTH teams, regardless of win or lose, based on the combined number of detonations and defusals. Rewards do not stack.

- 0-3: 5,000 Gold- 4-5: FMG Tuning 5d- 6+: RFB Tuning 7d, 5,000 Gold

✪ Notes

 -You can only participate once a day. 

 -Improper and/or abusive conduct can get you booted from the room and penalized.

Team BlackShot
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