[LOG] 2019-03-21 Scheduled Maintenance [02:00 CET]

GMCalicoGMCalico Posts: 20Papaya Play, LT Lead GM Beginner
Hello La Talers!

Coral City has finally arrived in the City of Atlantis! Do you think you can defeat the great king, Ocelino or the Leviathans? Come online and find out!

We have also prepared new events for you to participate:

1) Golden Artifacts - Fill up your new inventory slot: Artifacts!

2) Golden Priring - Catch the Golden Priring for amazing rewards including Iceflower Charms, or Dungeon Reset Potion!

There are more flash sales coming out with this new update, so come check it out!

We will be launching some exciting events for La Talers in coming weeks! Stay tuned for more information in regards to these events.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

 Enjoy La Tale!

- La Tale Team
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