What In The World Happened to Duelist?! (Old returning player feeling lost)

TyrasaTyrasa Posts: 0Member Beginner
All of a Sudden Gunslingers Advancement became a steaming Pile of Garbo, AGAIN!!

It's Bad Enough Class Changes got their levels lowered from 80 for 2nd Job & 140 for 3rd Jobs~Subs that required Friends and Effort to achieve in a atleast a few weeks with good gear and Exp Portions

To a extremely easily reached and unremarkable lv.50 for 2nd Jobs and lv.100 for 3rd Jobs that can be knocked out in under a day Solo

Alongside the Game getting Hyper Streamlined to just "Go to the Right Follow Single Quest Treads from NPCs that will lead you to Very next area and render Every Map up to Elfa UTTERLY FORGETTABLE" with No reason to even Care about your gear in the slightest

but then things went from Bad to Worse, Ya see

Gunslinger has about a 2 second Cool down on it's 3 Main skills

Forwards Shooting; a Standard 3 Shot Forwards Skill
Sitting and Shooting; a Standard 4 Shot Forwards Skill
Backwards Shooting; 3 Quick shots Backwards from whatever directions you're currently facing

you also Had Elemental Magazines, for Fire Water Earth and Wind, alongside an Expansion which lets you shoot an Elemental Burst of the loaded clip

This was All Amazing and the extra skills and buffs were Icing on the cake

But then upon Advancing to Duelist at level 100 What the Heck Happened?!

Duelist has about a 6 second Cool down on it's 2 Main skills because 1 got Destroyed and made Utterly WORTHLESS

Forwards Shoot; Still a Standard 3 Shot Forwards Skill
Sit and Shoot; STILL a Standard 4 Shot Forwards Skill
Backwards Shoot; Suddenly it's A Single admittedly Heavy Hitting But Quite Short-Ranged Backwards aimed fire burst with an excruciatingly long wind up time that you can Easily be Stun-locked out of, Alongside Having A Friggan 10 Second Cool Down!

You also gotta reload Bullet Points now to use a few moves like Gatling Gun, and what I Believe they intended to Replace Backwards Shoot with "Back-Step Fire" which is also a quick firing triple shot but it fires Forwards and Moves you slowly backwards it's kinda useful

But with level 100 you can only reload a tiny ammount of Bullet Points Max thus you can only use it about 4 times before having to reload again and only 1 time if you use the Gatling Gun skill which isn't automatic anymore requiring you to press the button over and over to fire it, granted you can change directions with it now between shots, but it seems entirely needless especially for the BP cost

Worst of All They Entirely Removed the Elemental Magazines and Charged Shots From the Class

Do you get them Back at a later level?

is it part of DF now?

or is it flat out gone?

Back when LaTale was under OGP the Only Change I didn't like going to Duelist from Gunslinger was the Backward Shot issue

You used to have to Buy BP Clips for BP Reload, and Pistol Clips for another skill at misc. shops it was kinda tedious but it was neat felt like I was stayin prepared for battle,

MORE IMPORTANTLY They Fixed Backwards Shot when 4th Jobs came out and changed the Backwards Burst shot back into the sexy triple backshot,

So what's the deal here, is Papaya gonna fix it too? or is it gonna stay like this?


  • AisakaAisaka Posts: 15Member Beginner
    You probably played before the lvl 220 cap has on OGP right?
    A lot of the game has changed, 1~199 have became an large tutorial

    DF isn't anymore based in two skills loop, backwards shoot have become useless in both old and new forms, you can get tons of BP with later gear, and the magazine buff have became 2 new separate buffs that change your skills a bit

    About the 2nd/3rd/Subclass and easier leveling they made easier because you have legend questline that give new skills, like multi hits in Nuke skill, spawning mines on hit, and 4 new active skills
    Consider that an 5th class job that goes through lvl 180 up to 219
    Vae victis
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