[New HGMs] Update to our War Rock Team

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Hello Soldiers,

As most of you are aware we have been searching for new users to join our War Rock Team. We were once again very pleased with all of the applications we received and wanted to thank everyone that applied. 

We have selected 6 new HGMs to join our team. We have 3 new HGMs for the Global server and 3 new HGMs for the SEA server. Please give a warm welcome to [HGM]Prisma, [HGM]Forest, [HGM]Apex, [HGM]Kimble[HGM]Legendary, and [HGM]Savannah. They will be getting set up here on the Forums and on Discord today. Later this week you may see them in-game patrolling the server.

New Global HGMs[HGM]Prisma[HGM]Forest, [HGM]Apex
New SEA HGMs: [HGM]Kimble[HGM]Legendary, [HGM]Savannah

We will also be adding some new Moderators to our team later this month. These new Moderators will be present on Discord and the Forums.

Even though another candidate was chosen for this job, we would like to encourage you all to continue to assist users in-game, on the Forums and Discord (this always looks good for future applicants).


War Rock Team
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