[BS-GLB EVENT] Battle of the Cities

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

It's time to settle the debate: Which city has the best mercs?! Sign up for your city of choice, attain the most match wins, and win!

✪ Event Duration: 

- 8 Apr - 22 Apr (Signups)

- 11 Apr - 6 May (Event)

✪ Requirements:

- Sign up for a city you wish to fight for.

- Achieve as many kills as possible alongside players who signed up for your city.

- Each city will be ranked based on total kills (plus an additional hidden criteria to be revealed on 22 Apr).

- All players who signed up will be rewarded based on their city's rank at the end of the event.

✪ Rewards:

- 1st: HK416 Leopard 7d, Desert Eagle Legion 7d 

- 2nd: Kriss Vector Azure 3d, Multi-Weapon+ 3d

- 3rd: Med Kit+ 3d 

- 4th: 5,000 Gold

Team BlackShot
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