Nicolo's chronicles on Alchemy

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Today I started alchemy as I wanted to be able to get a job that will favour Sewing, Handicrafting and Casting!
(Hmm good luck!!)

So after trying various things I decided to grind in the following way...

I went to Black Sea Northwest Coast, there with the collection I can get hemp and rocks.
For me the places that give you few items and the maxed one is the one you are after are the perfect places for grinding :)

So the idea is:
Get the hemp, make it paper, then foreign books (western book)
Keep some paper also.
And then you can finally use Alchemy to make Rare books! :D

So here is in more details:

You will need the following books:
  • Craftsman's training book
  • Basic Alchemy-secrets
  • (optional but nice) Stone quarry book
  • (optional but nice) Expert's craftsman training book
Start collecting hemp 
When you have enough use the `Craftsman's training book` - `Make paper (hemp)`
That will make some papers for you!

Then you can use the next recipe from the same book - `Make foreign books`
That will make some western books for you!

Please note you need to keep the ratio to 1 book / 4 papers
Cause then you can use `
Basic Alchemy-secrets` - `Transcribe document`
Until you reach Alchemy R2

You could use the above mechanism to reach R6 but its too boring, so here is an alternative with the optional books

Lets use the rocks that we have collected so far!
Use the book `Stone quarry book` - `Process crystal lv3`
That will make some nice Crystals for you! :D

And now we can use the second optional book

`Expert's craftsman training book` - `Glasswork techniques`
That will give us some nice Glasswork
And then from the same book you can use `Make test tubes`

When you reach Alchemy R3 you can switch to `Make distillers`

Of course that depends on your overall ranks, but it gives you a nice way to level both Alchemy and Handicraft 

Please note this is based on my own experience, the above path and logic might not work for you!
It might also change as I progress :/

Thank you and have fun!

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