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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Happy Easter, mercs! Are ya ready for an Easter hunt for great rewards? This Sunday, from 22-26 Apr, the GMs will host a series of Running Man matches. Grab the bag and hang onto it to climb the rankings! 

✪ Duration

 • 22-26 Apr 2100HRS CET

✪ Requirements

 • Every night during the event period, the GMs will host a Running Man match.
 • The room location and password will be announced via in-game lobby announcement.
 • Join the match and capture the money bag as many times and for as long as possible.
 • You will be rewarded based on your performance (see below).
 • You can only join this event once a day.
 • Abusive behavior will disqualify you from this event.

✪ Rewards

 • 1st place: AWP VTG Blaze 3d
 • 2nd place: HK VTG Specter 3d
 • 3rd place: MP5KPDW-H 3d
 • Everyone else: 5,000 Gold

Team BlackShot
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