Blackshot Invite Suggestions

roshanasopa12roshanasopa12 Posts: 0Member Beginner
I have a way to stop let players to boost in competitive. Example. We Have Invite System to invite players into squad but what u should have add also is to Inviting elo system like. If like a diamond player trying to invite bronze,silver,gold in the squad. make impossible for the them to invite bronze,silver,gold like showing a system message saying that 'The Player Elo Is Too Low'. make competitive games more challenging thanks for reading. :)


Bronze elo only can invite Bronze or silver.
Silver elo. can invite gold or silver
Plat Elo. can invite Diamond or plat
Diamond Elo. Can invite Diamond or Master or even GrandMaster,

The MatchMaking is Great but u just have to add this invite system to competitive systems
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