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Hello Soldiers,

We have heard that many of the SEA clans want to have a Custom Clan Logo, well here is your chance! Gather your clan members and pose for a picture. Also, feel free to let us know how your clan got started and the meaning behind your clan name.

+Event Mechanics:
- This event will only run for S.E.A. users.
- From May 8th to June 5th (PHT) S.E.A. clans can participate in this event.
- The Clan Master needs to submit a clan screenshot (i.e. all users in the room have to be from the same clan).
- Add a short story about your clan (i.e. origin of your clan, story behind it etc.)

- Sample Entry:

Clan Name: HGMTeam
Short Story:
Clan was founded a year ago, and was originally for the CM only who likes to help other users and the community itself 
but manages to find a team to support and help along the way.
Our HGMTeam is dedicated to our S.E.A Community. Our S.E.A Team Leader is [LGM]Rogue and members HGMs Savannah, Legendary and Kimble and they are all ready to help you and improve our community.



+Event Rules:
- Your clan can only participate once.
- You must post 2 screenshots, one of your clan and the other of who is in the room (press tab).
- Screenshots need to be recently taken, old screenshots will not be accepted.
- You are not allowed to edit the screenshot.
- All screenshots must be taken from your screenshot folder and have the watermark War Rock Chapter 3 in the bottom right hand corner.
- Remember to turn your graphics on high and select a good resolution for a better quality screenshot!

+Event Rewards:
- We will select the top 5 screenshots and reward the clans with a Custom Clan Logo!


Here are the top 5 Clans who won the event!


We want to thank everyone who participated and congratulate the winners!

Kindly send us a ticket containing the ff:

Title: SEA Clan Screenshot Event
Clan name
Your custom clan logo

We have some rules with respect to the size, format and content.
1) Please provide us with a logo that has the following dimensions: 90x90
2) Please make sure it is in JPEG format.
3) Please make sure that the image does not infringe on any copyright laws, a good idea would be simply to make the logo yourselves.
Keep in mind that we cannot allow certain images that relate to political images, any sexual images, any violence images, etc.


War Rock Team.

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    Kamusta mga Mandirigma?

    Narinig namin na karamihan raw sa inyo ay gustong magkaroon ng sariling Clan Logo? Pwes, eto na ang inyong pagkakataon! Mag tipon kasama ang inyong mga miyembro at kumuha ng litrato. Inyo ring ipaliwanag kung papaano nabuo ang inyong clan at ang pinagmulan ng pangalan nito.

    +Event Mechanics:
    - Ang event na ito ay para lamang sa S.E.A players.
    - Mula May 8 hanggang June 5 (PHT), ang mga clans sa S.E.A ay maaaring sumali sa event na ito.
    - Ang Clan Master ay kailangan mag bigay ng clan screenshot (lahat ng manlalaro sa isang room ay kailangang kabilang sa iisang clan).
    - Mag lagay ng kaunting paliwanag tungkol sa inyong clan (pinagmulan ng clan at ng pangalan nito).

    - Example:

    Clan Name: HGMTeam
    Short Story: 
    Ang aming Clan ay naitatag isang taon na ang nakalipas at ito ay binuo para sa CM lamang na gustong makatulong sa mga users at buong community, hindi nagtagal ito ay nakahanap at nakabuo ng kanyang team upang maging katuwang sa mga gawain. Ang ating HGMTeam ay nakahanda para sa ating S.E.A Community.
    Ang ating Team Leader ay si [LGM]Rogue at ang mga miyembro nito ay sila HGMs Savannah, Legendary at Kimble, sila ay laging nakahanda upang kayo ay tulungan at mapaunlad ang ating komunidad.



    +Event Rules:
    - Isang beses lang maaaring sumali.
    - Mag sumite ng dalawang screenshots. Isa para sa inyong clan at isa para sa mga miyembro (press tab).
    - Ang ipapasang screenshot ay kailangang bago (Hindi tatanggapin ang anumang lumang screenshot).
    - Huwag I-eedit ang screenshot.
    - Ang lahat ng screenshot ay dapat manggaling sa inyong screenshot folder at mayroong watermark na "War Rock Chapter 3" sa kanang bahagi.
    - I set ang inyong graphics sa high at pumili ng magandang resolution para sa maganda kalidad ng inyong screenshot.

    +Event Rewards:
    - Pipili kami ng limang (5) screenshots at bibigyan ang mga clan na ito ng sariling Clan Logo!


    War Rock Team.

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    Clan NameBARCODE
    StoryBARCODE is a WarRock Philippines clan that was formed in March 13, 2009.The clan was
    founded by [WR]MwahrC a.k.a. mmAARRcc. Despite a rocky start, BARCODE Pioneers
    (GeneralPrime, PolarDelta56, and DeserPunk) & Developers (zYRiL94,
    joshua96, khaysscey, DavidBin, and [WR]PRIMABEE) made sure that BARCODE would
    prevail and BARCODE did prevail! Holding the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd spots in
    WarRock's Clan System 1.0 until it's last breath.

    Fast forward to 2014, Team BARCODE Cebu won 2nd place in the WarRock Premier Cup Tournament back in November 2014. They've proven their proficient skills and killer moves once again. Walang pa ring kupas! It would be disrepectful not to honor the line up: JaCobNoIeD, lligym, ScoreMoShowMo, lKathMeLl, 0NyaLAMI. By October of 2014, BARCODE Clan went in alliance with DavaoWanted/AntiCrime members: Rio Flores, Reggie Rabino, Romeo Lasco, Marc Ojales, Ian Bersabal, to name a few. As part of a long standing relationship, a few AkaTz members came back with a month's notice to practice and a month later for the Davao leg of the WarRock Premier Cup Tournament, Teams BARCODE Davao and DavaoWantedBC represented. Earning their rightful spots of CHAMPION and 1st runner up, 1 and 2, how great is that! Fire up your FAMAS' for NanayLAMION, IndayLAMIONl, DodongLAMION, TatayLAMION, Alcaline, Glenn, PJ Abdul, and all the rest!

    We are not a large clan, we are a proud one. And every member from BARCODE fights with the strength of 10 game-bred winners.
    - Never be bought, never be sold. We are forever PRICELESS! -
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    It was JAN. 28, 2007 when a group of BATTLE
    GROUP PLAYERS IN OHARA decided to create a clan and that is how SOURETSU CLAN was created and became a family. 

    The SC family was founded by the following "ELDERS"
    (what we call the pioneers of the SC Fam) llungasll, lotba11, ghooost,
    vsssniper, nastyg, rustom, kapirangoat, sunburst, kulitmo, kaptutan, wwwchoi,
    kukoc, gandya. 

    Proudly playing from the Philippines, we call ourselves “Souretsu”,
    which means “brave” in Japanese. It is a name we believe rightfully bestowed,
    because each one of us is committed to abide and obey the rule of honor,
    bravery, and unity… online or off. We most like to play in BATTLE GROUP and our
    favorite map is in OHARA. 

    When we created this clan we never knew that this
    will become more than a clan. It became our second family. From a few players
    in to a hundred and counting. We are not just a clan; we have a strong
    foundation of friendship. Others wanted to break us apart but we didn't falter.
    We stay as CLAN in and outside the game. We have an unbreakable bond.


    “Where there is UNITY, there is



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    Clan Name: ZYBER ARMY
    May 14, 2007, it is the glorious day when Ronel G. Pakingan or also known as “ZArenzlo” thought on how to unite every player in War Rock and establish friendship and brotherhood and sisterhood. The game was fresh to all the players since the game was newly introduced by AMPED Mgmt. to the Philippines. With the help of his friends, the pioneering group, ZYBER ARMY was established. With hard work and discipline, his supervision lasted for 4 years (2007-2011) with great achievements and commendation. He made sure that the clan ZYBER ARMY will be well known to every player, feared in every battles, and respected by everyone. Later on, he appointed “ZAmahiaO8” to lead the Clan (2011-2014). He followed the footsteps of our previous clan master and with new tactics, ZYBER ARMY stood proud against every opponent standing on our way. Then, he passed on the responsibility to “ZAjihadO1. Up to this day, he proudly leads and kept the clan the mightiest of all. He is the youngest clan master by age and the longest reigning clan master of ZYBER ARMY. With the wisdom and effort of the clan masters, our clan spread throughout the country and even attracted foreign players to join the band of brothers. The diversity of its members are proof that no matter how far we are each other, we are united as one.

    ZYBER was adopted to a word “cyber” which means related to computer technology and computer literate combined with the word ARMY which means an organized military force, committed, loyal, passionate and highly trained personnel to serve and protect the country. The purpose of creating this clan is to establish friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, express our enjoyment to the game, love, passion, and to glorify every win, humbly accept defeat and learn from our mistake.
    Through our unity and dedication, ZYBER ARMY made the biggest achievement to win the first Nationwide Battle Group Tournament and be the first ever to achieve the Championship Title under MASSIVE GAMING Mgmt. in 2013. Proof on how dedicated its members on winning.
    We stood the test of time, it took 5 change of managements and yet we are still standing proud. We came, we saw, we conquered. We are the ZYBER ARMY CLAN! Have fun in game ZAlute! Oorah!

    Vincentdadulajay002dadzkie08MrCaps123babszkie01jpayop2swikaydterence132Babszkie03jayziedaizonand 6 others.
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    Clan Name : STEAM

    Ang aming Clan ay ginawa limang araw na ang nakalipas ang bumou ng clan na ito ay si 
    "LIQUIDMIRACLE". at ang staff naman ng clan na ito ay si "FIREMOVES" kaya namin ginagawa ang clan na ito ang para mapalago namin ito. kaya "STEAM" ang pangalan ng clan namin  kasi yan ang strand na kinuha namin sa SHS dinagdagan lang namin ng A sa stem para mas maganda tignan at ang members ng clan na ito ay nakahanda upang kayo ay tulungan at mapaunlad ang ating komunidad. PS di po ako marunong mag Screenshot namay WATERMARK.image
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    Since almost today's players were came from the Old WarRock PH Publisher "Fragmatic" we will just begin this story the day WarRock ph was handovered to Papaya Play, though us too are old players from War Rock PH AMPED wayback 2007. So we started to create this group (Nooks, Kagura and Iambuklod) last 2017 and most of our members are Filipino whose currently residing in different parts of the world like USCanadaItalySaudi Arabia And the United Arab Emirates. we called it PinoyGamerzPH since this clan is made for Filipino residence abroad this clan was intentionally to recruit more Filipino's WR gamer when suddenly appears a news that WarRock PH is going to shutdown it servers we've try to convince our co- PH player in the group page to try to play War Rock Papaya Play (Global) then we begun to recruit local PH residence in our clan not only Filipinos but also players around the scope of South East Asia Region and it may seems difficult as a Clan Master to manage its members nowadays xD. Our Clan name was later on changed from Bravetroopers to SlayWarriors. and each month we are giving a free WR Cash for our selected members who participated in our weekly small event. We have been existed in War Rock Papaya Play before SEA server was started especially for Philippine Players who really obsessed with this game throughout the decade.  

    Our Clan goal is to established good sportsmanship with our members despite of our diversity we continue to build a foundation were loyalty and respect to each other is Highly concerned. We believe in the old saying that "Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent on how you respond to it."

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    Short Story:

    The "Underrated" clan in Warrock Papaya/STEAM is a newly formed clan. However, all of the players in this clan have been playing since 2010 amped days, which by that time was called Warrock PH. The clan does not consist a massive amount of players but even with a few, we can be as solid as rock. We play in the same shop and that makes everything easier. We can communicate easily and thus making the bond even stronger. And we even go outing sometimes.
    Each one of us in the clan considers Warrock as our stress reliever, it acts like our escape through life's endless dilemma.
    We also join tournament locally but unluckily isn't able to win.But that does not matter, what matters most is that we get to enjoy playing our favorite game with other players hence making a rapport to everyone and that is much more than winning.
    And we also do live streams on Facebook with every game we play, not only to share the fun but also to convince old players that warrock isn't dead.

    We don't need strong powerful members, what we need is a respectful member. Because "what is power, if you are being hated by others."imageimage

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    Clan Name : REPUBLICA

    Our Story:

    Made in the Republic of the Philippines.
    Yes, we are [RP] or our clan most widely known as REPUBLICA in WarRock PH community.
    Our clan were inspired by heroism of PH valiant heroes and Philippines as the first Republic in Asia and founded REPUBLICA as a team/clan in WarRock PH by our clan elder BariLkoBastos, ForAduLtzOnLy and lehkim. Our motto then "Nationalism through happy gaming". In every room we created we make it to a point of renaming it related to history of PH War during the foreign occupation, ex."Battlecry of 1896". So that every player would remember or even get curious about the room name we created. We are the only "Republic(a)" of WarRock in the Philippines since 2010 (since its previous game publisher) We started as a small unit in BattleGroup channel and fought hard with the strongest team during those year and because of the skill and talent of each member in every game, we gained respect of other player because we never back down or surrender even if we're being outnumber. Our clan specialize in Infantry and Vehicular warfare and we are currently headed by RPtOxiiiiC with the help of RPCuupiiidz. We have battled so many fights with other players/clans not to mention cheaters/hackers. In every game we played our clan humbly accept the outcome whether we lost or we won.
    As Papaya Play handles now WarRock S.E.A, we REPUBLICA Clan wants to continue what we have started a long ago to build friendship, spread camaraderie and inject sense of nationalism in our own little way. Most of RP member are family oriented people who enjoy gaming in a casual atmosphere with players of skills from novice to expert. We also wants to reintroduce the passion of playing this game to the young generation of player and to enjoy the best FPS game we loved the most. We, in REPUBLICA Clan supports the Team and Admin of Papaya Play for making this game better for the whole community and appreciate the management for giving us a new home and to others (asian country) --- a 21 salute from RP Clan.

    Long live "WarRock". Long live "REPUBLICA" o7. We are not just a clan, we are a Family.

    Proudly made in
    R.P - WarRock S.E.A

    P.S: one of our clan member in the screenshot appears having no clan logo but in other screenshot he has a logo. Hope it wont serve as a disqualification.
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    Short Story:

    Kami po yong limang araw na nag lalaro ng Wr ako po young CM: xShinigami pinag patulog po namin ang mga pinagsamahan ng CLan na IHAG kaya kami po yong na buo sa clan namin kasi loyal kami ehh Salamat.. hangang d2 nalng

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    CLAN: PhilippineArmy

    Short Story: 

    In the memory of the saf 44 kung saan nakipag giyera sila at binuwis ang kanilang buhay para sa bayan ginawa ko ang philippinearmy upang maipagbigay pugay sa ating mga kababayang sundalo. Mabuhay ang pilipino! mabuhay ang PhilippineArmy! CM:Amunra
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    Clan Name: Cihadİslam

    Clan was founded 11  year ago, 
    Our clan was the Freedom Warrior.
    Since then we have been fighting for years.

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    CLAN: PhilippineArmy

    Short Story: 

    In the memory of the saf 44 kung saan nakipag giyera sila at binuwis ang kanilang buhay para sa bayan ginawa ko ang PhilippineArmy upang maipagbigay pugay sa ating mga kababayang sundalo. Mabuhay ang pilipino! mabuhay ang PhilippineArmy! CM:Amunra
    PS:humihingi po ako ng paumanhin sa hindi pag sunod sa kautusang isang beses lang mag sumite dahil bago lang po ako dito. Hinanap ko ang screenshot na nasa warrock folder ngunit hindi ko mahanap sa dahilang mahirap lang po ako at sa piso net nag lalaro naka deep freeze ang C: folder kaya hindi ko ma access ang kinakailangan. Ngayon nag karoon ako ng sarili kong unit mas natuto ako sa mga bagay. Paumanhin sa warrock team sana maikonsidara pa po itong masusumite ko. 

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    Clan Name: eXecuteStory: Team eXecute or eXecute in short is an organization composed of many bright and talented young players that participates in popular games such as Fortnite, CS:GO, R:6, and Dota 2. We have built up a reputation amongst the Filipino and Asian community. We are mainly known for having one of the best organization in the Philippines. We are not comparable to big organization such as TNC or Mineski, because we are still taking small steps to reach what we want to accomplish and provide to our young players. You wonder? How come eXecute established a clan in War Rock? As one of the Head of Team eXecute, War Rock was the only multiplayer first-person shooter game that I have been addicted to and never had the ounce of strength to leave this clan. So, I established eXecute in WarRock on May 8th, 2019. Organizing and managing clan is really difficult, because there are players who have different point of view. Therefore, I’ve appointed close friends of mine who were also playing WarRock. They helped me built up eXecute and spread its name throughout the community. As days pass by, we have received negative and positive outcomes from other players, but this doesn’t stop us from growing. We want to stand at the top! We want to build a clan that is well known for having the respect, discipline, and sportsmanship! This is not MY clan, but OUR clan! What we have accomplished in our clan is impossible without the help of the current clan members that eXecute has. I’m truly fortunate to have such players and staff around me.

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    TRIADSSEVEN, or simply called T7 was created on

    the year 2010. Tracing back into its roots, it was formerly named TRIADSEVEN.

    It was founded by our first ever clan master, AlphaXVII when War Rock

    Philippines was still under Amped Company. The clan started roughly with 7

    members. Later on, one of the clan’s veterans, T7Bugz found about it and joined

    the clan. Bugz and Alpha enjoyed a good bond with each other. After several

    months, they were able to expand the clan by recruiting new members. There were

    many ups and downs, even conflicts because members are only people having different

    perspectives and different kinds of views. Many members came as many of them

    left. The clan came close to disbanding when War Rock PH was transferred to

    another company, Massive gaming. When the first migration occurred, our CM lost

    his interest to the game as he eventually used 3rd party software to use cheats

    which resulted to him getting banned from the game. From that moment, the Clan

    master position was passed on to T7Bugz. After facing such adversity, the clan

    stood strong with the help of its’ loyal members who remained faithful to the


                During the Massive Gaming era, we were merged and pledged

    alliance with Zayvernasa Clan. Then came along, the second migration occurred

    to Leadhope. Some of us feared that the day would come when our beloved FPS

    game would soon be gone. We migrated our accounts back then and recruited our

    previous members who were still playing the game. In addition, T7 have been

    active in many tournaments especially in the province of Davao, Philippines.

    Another hardship came when Leadhope/Fragmatic WR was mercilessly invaded by

    cheaters. These cheaters did not only destroy the game but also the trust of every

    player. After a few years, we had our full of hopes when we found out that War

    Rock was eventually coming to Steam.

    Without further a-do, we have endured every

    single hardship we have faced. As of present, T7 is still one of the well-renowned,

    feared and disciplined active clans in War Rock Steam headed by Legatus/Bubbabeat.

    Compared to our numbers before, we are significantly fewer because some have

    proceeded on with their lives by getting busy with their families, work and

    studies. To cut the story short, T7 is not just a family of WR players. Many of

    us are also successful professionals. These include licensed dentists, certified

    public accountants, Bachelors degree in Networking, Hotel and Restaurant

    Management, Computer electronics, Business Management and Information

    Technology and many more which shows us that we don’t just play hard, but we

    also study hard to fulfill our goals in life. We TRIADSSEVEN CLAN, solemnly

    promise to play honestly with our full efforts as we show our firm support and

    dedication to War Rock. In the photos we have taken, we tried our best to form

    our Clan logo "T7" in Engrene map using our own members by getting to prone. We had struggles creating the formation. However,

    we realized that there would always be struggles, but what’s most important is

    whom you want to face those struggles with. And for us, it is being with our

    clan members whom we can call our second family. War Rock was our first love, it will always be and  it will stay that way. 




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    Clan Name : MIPH
    Short Story : MIPH (Made in the Philippines) is an upcoming gaming and eSports community established on March 2019, the week when Papaya Play set to expand their War Rock servers to the SEA region. Founding members Promdi and March created MIPH with the intent of bringing back together old friends from previous iterations of the game and to spearhead an online community that will help reconnect old players and introduce new players to the game. MIPH was then joined by former gamemaster [GM]Flare and other fellow veteran players from renowned clans of the Philippine War Rock scene including Torment, MostWanted, ElHombre, Hemmorhage, Locusts, Ravage, Playboyz, Souretsu, Wakwak, and Astreet among others. Today the group fields around 50 members.

    We at MIPH pride ourselves on being mature and structured but also fun at the same time. We are a tight-knit group that looks small and personal but large enough to make team compositions easy. We stand out from our competition by being hands-on and allowing for every member's opinion to matter. We bring casual and competitive gamers together for an enjoyable gaming experience, we foster a fun yet competitive environment for people to make friends and get better at their playstyle. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, we've got you covered. There's plenty of playful banter here, but we do not tolerate toxicity.

    We encourage and reward engagement but there's no purging or kicking of members due to inactivity. Most of our members are in their late 20s working as industry professionals or managing their own businesses. We realize real life issues happen and taking a break from gaming is okay, we also understand time is a valuable commodity and we are structured to be accommodating.

    Everyone is great at something and we strive to reward those who participate within this community. We host regular meetup events and gatherings, and reward those who stand above their peers accordingly. We are also trying our best to promote the game through our live streaming and online content creation. This is our own little way of helping the new War Rock community flourish and increase its player base.

    Aside from War Rock, we also play a variety of games on multiple platforms, including the latest AAA titles as well as many co-op indies. From first person shooters to massively multiplayer online games, there's something here for everyone.

    We are MIPH, united for the common love of the game.

    marchtormentKrissYgalrundellsmeth9kirstenalexaxjayecnstntnkotetzublitzboy06xyfsai3127mrglacer007Gavreeland 5 others.
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    Clan Name: Valhalla

    Short Story: 5th of January, 2011, back when War Rock Philippines was still handled by Massive Gaming, a clan so vicious, so determined and so passionate it burned brighter than the sun, was created. And it was called “Valhalla”. Buckle up your seat belts because this is going to be a long, fun, and interesting ride.

    When I first heard of the words War Rock Clan Name, the first thing that came in my mind was the word “Valhalla”. Some of you may have already heard of it and some of you may not. So, for those who have no idea what Valhalla means, well, Valhalla is described as a paradise for slain soldiers. In Valhalla, the dead join the masses of those who have died in combat. So, I thought, what name would best fit a clan? And that is when I decided to name my first clan “Valhalla”. That is also why our motto is “Die in Battle but live forever in Valhalla”.

    Back in 2011, I, Coraline, Clan Master of Valhalla have already been playing War Rock for four (4) years straight from the day it was released (2007) and have never joined a clan since then.

    Going back to the days where everyone was only playing at Marien and Red Clover, I consider myself different for I always find myself playing at Khali, Khyber, and a lot of uncommon maps. I play on my own. I was always quiet and never really messaged other gamers. I was fine without a team. But that’s where I’m wrong, so I thought and thought and finally came to a conclusion that I was alone and that you really need a team to prosper through the game. So, from then on, I created a clan and had my very first member (aside from me of course), and his name was “Greatfalcon”. We made a lot of friends so by May of 2011, Valhalla already had about 20 members. Everybody was joining. So, by that time, I wouldn’t only consider us a Team or a Clan anymore, but instead, a family. We didn’t join tournaments or any competitive games outside of War Rock Philippines but it’s safe to say that we were content and never really find it necessary to join. We had our own circle, and we were very happy. But until then, at the start of 2013 where I had to go to college and move out of our town, responsibilities are calling and it’s not just about War Rock anymore. It was sad but I had no other choice. I stopped playing for years. So, I had to pass Valhalla to my friend and co-creator, Greatfalcon.

    Fast forward to April, 2018 when I finished college and started playing again, back then, War Rock Philippines had already been passed down to different gaming companies. Coming back, the clan name has already been changed but a lot of Valhalla’s clan members were still there so I felt like it’s still the same regardless of its name. Most of them aren’t as active as they were before but I’m glad that those who are close to my heart stayed loyal and never left.


    When War Rock Philippines had officially shut down, a lot of datas were lost such as clan names, clan members, and a lot more. But it was never the end for Valhalla so we re-created it again by February when War Rock Philippines was handed to Papayaplay. From then on, Valhalla is always looking for new members who are looking for a competitive and fun place to hang out and play. We welcome all players, regardless of your skill level, and can offer you training if you are looking to improve your game. We have our own Discord group and is now at the 17th place of the clan rankings. So if you are reading this, always remember, do not just make a clan. Make a family!


    Ps, I posted this at this day and time of the month on purpose because I want this entry to be the last one you guys read and remember the most. So, hopefully you did. But for everyone who tried reading all of it and for those who actually read it till the very end, I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    Sincerely yours,

    Valhalla’s Clan Master, Coraline

    [Note]: The photo attached shows the generals of the clan looking up at the Valhalla paradise.


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    This clan is meant to be social, so get to know each other.We are a mature multiplayer gaming community We're friendly people .

    Main rule is to have fun and to respect each others and be loyal to the clan regardless of experience or noobiness.

    Our goal is to unite players who no longer want to play alone stand with us ad you will ever left behind
    No individual can win a game by himself We complete activities with teamwork.This way,we become as strong as our strongest player.

    ".Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Capable of talented players 
    Let our name be heard throughout the S.E.A  as the best clan!
    Grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true Never let a bullet pass.Finish what has begunWhen we hunt, we kill. No one is safe. Nothing is sacred. We are CHROMEPHTherefore, I pray and hope that you will be kind enough to notice us!With due respects and humble.We are inviting all players to join us!imageimageWarRock-Steam [PH] 
  • RoguePapayaRoguePapaya Posts: 54Papaya Play, WR Lead GM Beginner
    edited June 6
    Hello Soldiers!

    Event is closed! We will be posting the list of winners here by the end of this week.
    (Will update the main post)
    Thank you everyone for participating!


    War Rock Team
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