Please lower first quarters upgrade from level 34

CarlKeelCarlKeel Posts: 5Member Beginner
This game would be very fun for participants if they were allowed to open the rewards they receive while playing it.  I have played for three months.  I have many rewards stacked up to open.  I cannot open them since I cannot put furniture in my quarters - my inventory is full.  To install furniture, I must reach level 34 in something.  
My adventure level  is 20.  I will never reach 34 in adventure.  My trade level is 28 but stalled.  Someone asked on school chat to help us so I told him I cannot reach level 34.  He and the woman helping him said I would make many points in trade with a trade job.  So I switched to a trade job, then kept sailing a liner to the Caribbean and bringing back only tobacco.  At best I received 2,004 trade experience.  So trade won’t get me to 34.  
Therefore I am back to logging in to sink 200 pirate ships at a time to fulfill those Maritime quests in Sagres.  Please let this game be fun early by making it easier for players to upgrade their quarters – level 34 forces a player to endlessly sink pirate ships to try and reach it.  This game is incredibly boring when all you do day after day is log in and sink pirate ships.  I want to see my rewards and do other things in this game, but you will not let me.   


  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 736Member Intermediate
    quarters upgrade is not based on any 1 level ,it is total of all 3 levels.
    the 3 requirements are :total levels 35 ,total fame 10,000  and court rank 8th knight.

    as to your full inventory,try getting rid of things you do not need,or maybe create 2nd account and put stuff in the alt's inventory.just remember ,alt needs level 11 to give back to you
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