Bring the old bs system

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Hello Dear Friends,
Maybe so many players dislike my this idea, but to be honest, no one likes this Revolution = Pay2Win!
We all want old Blackshot Global Version,
Lets protest guys, be with us, so many players are with me already, but i want your support also,
Stop wasting your money on Revolution, its Pay2Win, play with normal weapons, do not charge BSC, do not waste your money anymore!
better to stay offline from this Revolution until they bring old Blackshot Global Version!

Our Demands:

Old Ranking: From Recruit to Command in Chief! same old ranking,

Weapons Mastery! Rockie, Elite, Pro, Expert, Master, Grand Master, with same mastery weapons, (Expert 4th: Ak NZ1) (Master: NX)

Old Characters: Vanessa, Travis, Cathy, Adam with their old Kits/Dresses

Clan War System: Clan vs Clan, no Mercenary Allow, 5vs5 Clan Members only,

Clan Win Ratio: Example Wins 33 Lose 12 Draw 8,

Remove this Competitive,

Bring all old Special Characters: Yuki, Rayne, Nina, Isabelle, Pei all,

Old Maps: (SD Crack down, Broken City and many more Missing) (TDM Snow, Roof Top and more which we had in old blackshot)

Gears, Tactics Package I, Tactics Package II, Magazine Extension BSC BP all!

Old Packages: (Snow Package) (Dragon Package) (Silver Package) and more missing!

Old Weapons: (Ak Dragon, Ak Snow, Ak Desert, Ak Forest) (Snipers: AWP Candy, AWP Black, McMillan Zebra)

Be with me guys and lets protest, i want you all with me!

Make Blackshot Great Again! Bring Old Blackshot !!!


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    agree 100%!!
  • BadDreamsGameMastersBadDreamsGameMasters Posts: 56Member, BS Game Master, Approved Member Beginner
    Hello xxalbokshxx and sorry for this late response.

    We have taken your suggestions into account and will forward them to the management of the game so that they are aware and make the decisions that go with it.

  • putki999putki999 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Funny to hear that he actually mentioned this game as classified pay2win. To be fair, bringing back those old characters you mentioned above literally means people will spend more money to gain possession on those items and a has a huge plus point compared to players to plays independently with BP.

    i'm an old BS player and I've seen how unfair this game was, literally every player out there buying all cash weapons and destroying me (as a BP reliable player myself).

    i'm not disappointed with this new system, at least i'm doing good with my BP items and everything's pretty cheap.... Huge thanks to the devs for acknowledging this and thus providing a fair square version of the game-play. Most of the BP guns are balanced which helps me kill cash players pretty easily.. 

  • adeeladeel Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    yes we want old balckshot now our ranks are back but mastery lvl weapons and our experience and mvp not back.
    its ok about he mvp and and experience but back our mastery lvl weapons on shop in bp same like old balckshot 

    thanks have bast regard...
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