[BS-GLB EVENT] Bring It On!

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edited May 2019 Event

Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

This month, the GMs challenge you to a race...Weapon Race, specifically! If you can prove to them that you love the race for superior firepower more than you love yourself, rewards will be yours!

✪ Duration

9-30 May, Mondays, 2100HRs CET

✪ Details

-Every Mon evening, the GMs will host a WR match. They will announce the room location and password via lobby announcement.

-Enter the password and join their room.

-Achieve the most kills and be rewarded accordingly!

✪ Rewards

MVP: HK416 VTG Specter 7d

MVP of losing team: HK416 Leopard 3d

Winning Team: AK-47 Gold 3d

Losing Team: 5,000 Gold

✪ Notes

-You can only participate once a day.

-Improper and/or abusive conduct can get you booted from the room and penalized.

Team BlackShot

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