Why did fast esten get nerfed and no one said anything?

jackemfilms9jackemfilms9 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
I main segnale and just came back to the game. I loved how the fast esten gave a chakra. And now theres no chakra it only recovers shield for one second? When did this change happen I dont see it in the patch notes. Also fast healing has the same buff information as fast esten healing buff so now we cant use fast healing or it overrides fast esten. Making fast healing useless.


  • OmegaBeamOmegaBeam Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Uhh, Fast Esten has been like that for a very long time lol
  • 0rionsbane5090rionsbane509 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    Its another bug that's now become "normal" I don't think they will fix these for a long time as they have more important things to worry about that effect all players. I think it was act 18 when it was changed, I remember a post or two about it when I was playing back then. It was suppose to just nerf the shield regen not cause buff overlap but i guess that never did get resolved ppl complained seg was unkillable with the old shield regen.
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