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    @CPC I not intend to be slanderous. You are no doubt an honest and trustworthy player. But you have also been absent from the game now for 6+ months, which like purple said causes issues with many that have no intends idea who you are.
    If your reputation is "I have never heard of CPC" by many players. I would say it is not as strong as "of course I know who that is!"
    It's not slander at all. It absence.
    Half of the player base has never heard of your old auctions or your influence on the game. And it's not like we all chat about "there once was this player......"

    I feel that if you want to help improve the game, start by playing again. Hold the auctions. Those helped a lot of people.

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    @CPC I bring that up to say the old players are a constant in this game
    NOBODY truly quits UWO and we all know of each other thats what makes
    UWO great the lore the legends and the rich history. This is what keeps
    players names alive the tales from the veterans and they will say the
    same of you one day purplepirate just as you now know of Lodian. :)

      Well, funny thing about that... Well i won't be known for the name "purplepirate" except in the forums, as that's just an account name not my in game name. My in game name 'Samantha99' is known in many pvp circles as I am well known for my melee ability. Funny story about that...

      Back on ogp i pretty much lived in dungeons so i had great land battle skills. In the last year of Gama, i started doing pvp and started participating in events like ESF and mocks. Because of my strong sp, melee fighting came naturally to me, so that's what i focused on skill wise (melee skills). The only cannons skills i had at that time was gunnery and ballistics, but that all i thought i would need (omg was I ever wrong! xD). Back then i used a Modified Super Frigate (195 crew).
      At that time the prevailing strategy was more around sniping as melee only served the purpose 'grab then release' so fleet member could crit shot. I didn't care for that approach since 99% of the battles i engaged into, I had the melee advantage so i didn't want to let go lol. This obviously frustrated alot of people since i guess they wanted the glory of the kill or opponents weren't set up for melee, but i didn't care. I would even get into battles against ROG's with almost twice my crew (379) and still win, but i refused to let go in battle. Ya, i pissed off alot of people back then, girl power! hehe.

      In the last 6months of Gama, i noticed a shift in the play style of ESF's where now more people started coming out in melee ships and would specifically look for me in battle to test out their skill. I never disappointed lol. Sure i died alot, but that was mostly from parked ships getting crits on me as i left melee but that's all a learning experience.

      Here on Maris, right from the start i've focused on melee and worked towards making myself the top melee'er on the server. Even with maxed cannon skills, i still can't compete against those vets who are great snipers so i've continued my strategy on close combat. Now i've seen more and more people starting to play more melee roles and try to mimic my strategy, but i still rule that field. Pretty much everyone has to retreat from me in battle, but there are a few players that are quite a challenge. Gazi probably gives me the most of a challenge, but it's all for fun. I welcome anyone in game to pm me if they want to try out their skills in a 1v1. I think i can honestly say that i played a factor in bringing melee fighting back to UWO for better or worse as a lot more people now are seeing the benefits of it. Either way i love it regardless if others do or not. :)

    Samantha99 =  <3 Queen of Hugs <3
    IGN: Samantha99
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    Ok thanks for clarifying I get what you were trying to say now. I still feel your reputation and if people remember you or not are two different things. Its kind of like saying Elvis's reputation isnt strong anymore I mean many kids may not remember Elvis but his reputation is still the same to those that do.  As far as an absence eveybody knew I had a child I had a C section and 3 epidural needles I could barely walk for months and I still try to pop in the forum where I could even when I was intense pain I was spazzing out sorry...I feel like I tried to stay engaged as best as I could.  I dont expect most people to remember but even if 10% to 25% remember its cool.  I played for about a decade now consistently I think I'm entitled to a break to have a kid lol.

    Stock Market would be a refreshing change of pace I've been auctioning 8 years just want to branch out and do something else besides an auction. 

    Haha...I love your story I see a lot of myself in you very outspoken and talented!  We have a very similar backstory in this game.  While you became a master of melee...before I was Auctioning I was the best Duelist in the game I was the master of the gun I won two Dueling tournaments it got so bad that they changed the rules to stop me from winning saying I couldnt move around while dueling lol.  Not many people know that rates of misses, and criticals change dramitical depending on your weapon and what range you're in when you attack.  Anywho to make a long story short they accused me of being a guy or a tranny because back then many believed no "girl" could be good at anything besides sewing and cooking smh lol, so I stopped dueling to try auctioning and it became a big success made ALOT of money and more hate poured in but a lot of love too so it balanced out.

    I say all that to say keep applying pressure to these males I dont know if the landscape of the game has changed or not regarding sexism but don't let anyone hold you back because you're a girl. Even if my time is up in this game and I retire it's very refreshing to see a girl still kicking a** in this game lol. 

    Have you ever considered branching out from battle to trading/money making? 

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    Wait...... Can you still cook and sew?

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    @CPC Thanks for the encouraging words sis <3. I haven't encountered any sexism per se on Maris however I did encounter alot of people back on OGP that where surprised to find out that I was a real girl. It's funny that some guys think girls only play games like 'Candy Crush' and we wouldn't get into games as involved as a RPG. There's actually quite a large community of us in this game, many whom i've known since back on OGP :)

      On the topic of doing trade, I actually originally joined this game for adventure but ended up getting caught up in maritime. When i first started this game i played mostly as a adventurer (purist like pekker), but after a month playing i was so lost and frustrated that i went on wiki to do some research (they had a section for beginning players) and found that having a strong revenue and trade knowledge was critical when developing in UWO (plus looking at all the crazy prices for stuff in bazzars and comp shops, i thought i'd never be able to afford!). I still remember, it was like the greatest day ever when i broke the 1m mark! lol

      Looking at the game from a different perspective, i deleted most my skills and took on some essential trade and crafting skills but still nicely set with important adv skills. At that time, maritime was my least heavy profession as i only used the basics (sp,gunnery,repair etc). Over time i reach as far in trade profession that i started doing early nanban trades (slow development since i only used one character) but that was months into the game by that point. I never went further in those early trades (just to long of a journey for the limited cargo i had) as i was doing more adv by then and discovered that you could make huge amounts of money staying local doing dungeons like bordeux all day.

      So for me, grinding dungeons was the more logical choice to make money. Plus getting hit by pirates was so annoying that it caused me to start building up my battle skills to defend myself (pirates awoke the sleeping giant xD). So in the end i never did any heavy nanban and since i was still in HS at the time, i didn't buy any astro so i had to make all my money in game. But by doing Bord dungeon and selling crafted goods, i was able to make as much a 1b+ per day.

      Now I work full time and take courses so i have very limited time. Because i want to keep up with competing in pvp events, i payed into the uwc system (not heavily) to get the specifics i need to play. From the server start, i've been focusing on Maritime this time while building my adv/trade skills in the background. To this day, even though i have EA cities discovered, i've never done any bribing yet to be able to start any nanban lol. Now that we can log 3 instances on at once, it makes it more feasible to do nanban (I just can't be bothered to build up a proper nanban fleet at this time). But, I just don't have the account space, affordability or even the headspace to be a 'reseller' on chat lol.

      As i mentioned in earlier threads, i focus on what i need not what i want and I find it a waste to have value sitting around worthless filling up accounts. I generally make what i need at the time then spend it and have never had more than 16-18b at any one time. Usually, i have only around 1b to cover operating expenses and leave it like that. Currently though, i know i've needed a new ship for a looooong time as I"m still using my same MR from the first round of captain tickets lol. I've put off getting other ships since i'm looking for a ship with a narrow range of specifics and skills so i make my MR work for me for now. The SLM is the best suited for what i need but i'm not about to fork over 120b for one xD.
    IGN: Samantha99
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    @Culvern Can you still cook and sew

      Funny, i first joined this game cause i liked the idea to sew outfits for myself  :p
    IGN: Samantha99
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    Ok so I've been doing a lot of research on how the market works.  Heres what I learned.

    1. The Market rates refresh at around the 55 min mark of every hour.
    2.  Every city has a backstock just like nanban  but its invisible outside of the arrows next to each price
    3.  Every time you buy a particular type of good it decreases the stock of that good raising the price
    4.  When you sell it increases the supply of the type of good thus lowering the good price hence why a crash happens   
    5.  When the crash happens no other type of good can be crashed at the market.  The time period I believe is until the next market refresh then the ability to crash can begin again. must confirm

    Heres what i still need to learn:

    1.  Im a little foggy on this but can  a good that is sold in a city be crashed?  ie.  if Seville sells wheat (food stock) and players keep selling thousands of foodstocks can food stocks crash in seville ...I think its no but I dont remember.
    2. What is the rate in which goods increase...I saw platinum went up at increments of 10% while  other like food went up by 1-2% per hour.  is each type of good different in the increments?

    Based on the above information Hers what the stock market must include:

    1.  Must be based on an hourly interval  Im thinking trading be allowed for the first 45 minutes of every hour.
    2.  The market must at least run 3 hours each session.
    3.  The trade goods that will be available for stocks should include goods that can be crashed and not be crashed.  ie.  Seville says wheat so sell stocks of ham  , and seville doesn't sell metal so offer gold as a stock.
    4.  Will give out free stocks to get it started to test.
    5.  There should  be incentive to keep buying higher...im considering adding a multiplier at every increase in price of 5% an additional 10% will be added to 
    Good    Price       Percent      New Adjusted Price with multiplier
    Gold     | 5000     |   90%        |   5500
    Gold     | 5250     |   95%        |   5,775
    Gold     | 5500     |   100%        |   6,050

    I like this or I may just let the players make their own price let me know what you think.

    6.  Players should be able to sell at lower price if needed  If a good reaches 6k for instance in market and a player just wants to get rid of them they should be able to sell them at 3k  to another player

    7. I'm working out stock options as well will do that later on

    8.  Smart players will buy immense amounts at a crash as the price is lowest.

    Its coming together just need a few more pieces.  Im looking to beta test the stock market this month probably on a monday.  Any concerns let me know
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    So after thinking about this I decided not to do it due to the following problems

    1. Would require to hold immense amounts of cash on hand well iver 100bil
    2. Would need to rely on me to make exchanges of stocks which could be VERY bad if I were sick or away from uwo or something especially if you need to sell a stock
    3. Time required is too much

    I have some other ideas for cool stuff

    Maybe a Casino Night
    Game show Night
    Fight Club

    Sorry guys
  • OwvinIIOwvinII Posts: 126Member Trainee

    You could hold auctions once again,
    as I have a number of ships and gear still in "Receive Item" from Treasure Cove in which I have no idea what the ducat value of these ships and gear are for selling, since a number of these ships and gear don't fit my playstyle in UWO.
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