Bring back ak series that can be purchasable with gold

jeffery50jeffery50 Posts: 13Member Beginner
I'm not sure if i'm the only one who feels this way but on the day when the original ak came out, i was extremely excited as that was always the gun i used before revolution for my headline but i was really sad and disappointed when it can only be purchased with gems. This means that not only is it not permanent (i'm not sure how gems weapon duration work, i could be wrong), it is also a cash gun. And a few days ago, i've received my ak 2 days reward from the daily login (it has alr expired by now) and honestly, i'm happy to be able to use the gun again. After using it for a few matches, i can say that this gun is really overpowered and i'm not sure if it's because of my tactics which i have 25 unlocked but still, this only proves that this game is really a pay to win game. Other ak series like the ak goldmoon and ak red frog are far inferior than orginal ak and ak gold. The difference in power is very obvious. For free players like us, all we want is more weapons that are on par with the cash weapons. Before revolution, the default weapon, which was the original ak (which ironically is now a cash weapon), is  on par with the cash weapons such as hk416n and hkforest. Now, the revolution default, m16 cannot hold a candle to these cash weapons. Yes, it's been buffed but it can only be on par with the gold weapons, it's not enough. We need a better default weapn seriously. I know that it might be impossible to change a gem weapon into a gold weapon but it would be really great if it's possible. If not I think if the gift weapons, scar emas and scar omega can be converted to default rifle, it would be great because i think they are the otne of the few weapons that can be on par with those cash weapons.
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