Papaya crystal event worthless

XelaraXelara Posts: 2Member Beginner
For 3 days ive been grinding to get the letters required to make papaya dekaron. yes. 3 days of grinding to finally get enough to make 1. got lucky and got 3 more P this morning otherwise it would be probably 4 days to make it. point is. after 3 days of wasting my time i got a stupid buff card from 2 papaya dekaron boxes. 3 days of my time to get something ill never use and isnt even tradeable....why do you waste your players time making us grind for so long only to get something USELESS. it is your job as the company hosting this game now to keep your players interested and coming back. this event has done nothing but make me want to take (another) leave of absence from this game. i havent gotten 1 thing from the papaya dekaron box that makes it worht even 5% of my time. literally 3 days of my life wasted on this event with NOTHING to show for it. compensate me for my time and start making events with items that ppl will actually get and items that are WORTH MY TIME. theres 100s of buffs already in this game. WE DO NOT NEED MORE USELESS BUFFS. and you sell the crystals in your shop. for real money. that is a scam. fraud. wasting peoples time and money only to get useless buffs or a belt that with all the other gear already out is basically useless. most ppl already have a belt that is as good or better than the one from the event. so its really a waste of time for anyone who regularly plays this game. over the last year you have not had 1 event that ive gotten something worth the 100s of hours spent grinding to get something good. PLEASE START VALUING YOUR PLAYERS TIME AND GIVING US EVENTS WITH STUFF THATS WORTH OUR TIME.
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