Donation Rewards/Incentives

Hello Papaya and Dekaron teams. I have this suggestion and feel it would be a fun and easy implemented feature which would help us the community to help you all as a company. Do you think there could be a donation reward system given out to those in-game? I know many games that do this for the player base and it not only keeps people playing, but it keeps them paying! A win win for us all. 
So my suggestion would be that a reward ranking system be implemented. For example, everyone who has donated each month will receive a standard mailed reward(things like 15 day items or exp boost.) And then you do a ranking ranging from 100-500 players who meet the top donation amounts for the month. Based on the ranking the player achieved, the better their in-game reward. For example: Sally donates $2,500 this month and reaches rank 10 in the donation list. Sally then receives the standard donation reward and multiple other great rewards. The top ranking donor would receive the best rewards and all other who make the ranking would receive different tier grade rewards. Like top 2-100 receive the same package. And 101-300 the same and so forth. 

Thanks for reading my two cents! 
~ Mike 
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