Shipwreck Discovery Race Prizes Upgraded!

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Ahoy Captains!

After seeing the record times on the winners of the Shipwreck Discovery Race, we have decided to upgrade the prizes for both Solo and Fleet winners to commemorate their effort!

For Fleet winners, the prizes have been upgraded from Special Ticket (Clothes) to Celebrity Clothes Trunk.

For Solo Winners, the prizes have been upgraded from Celebrity Clothes Trunk to Celebrity Clothes Trunk, Special Ticket (Clothes), and Ultimate Ship Blueprint x 3.

Prizes have been sent to player's in-game Bank. Please check under "Receive Item".

If any Fleet winners wish to receive the Special Ticket (Clothes) instead of the Celebrity Clothes Trunk, they may exchange it so long as the trunk is not opened.
To do this, please follow the steps below:
- Keep the Celebrity Clothes Trunk in Bank if possible
- Contact us in-game by sending Private Message to GMSheebs. He is available 9AM to 5PM, Mon-Fri.
- Contact us via Support Desk in the account that won the prize and inform us your in-game Character name.
(Exchanges are accepted until 2PM June 7th (PDT))

Congratulations to all the winners!

See you all on Seas!
- Team Uncharted Waters
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