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    Current IGN: Asymptote

    Short Story:

    Choosing an IGN is as pressure-filled as picking a name for a baby. We all have our different standard or criteria in choosing our IGN, we choose a specific IGN because it suits our personality, we can relate to it, it's a cool word we just discovered, it has a special meaning for us or we just put it anyway because we ran out of ideas. Asymptote is the IGN that I currently use in WarRock, my account was recently migrated from Fragmatic games and fortunately it came with a free nick change item. I had lots of ideas for a new name and it was really difficult for me to choose. My previous IGN was "Carlisle", it was inspired from the movie Twilight where Carlisle is a character who is the father of Edward Cullen(one of the main protagonist of the movie). The story of how I changed my IGN from Carlisle to Asymptote starts here. *drum roll*

    I am a Civil Engineering student and I play during my free time. I play lots of online games and WarRock is really special to me. I've had a hard time thinking of a new nickname to replace my IGN "Carlisle" which is already cool in my opinion. I just wanted to change it I want it to be special. I want my new IGN to be something that I can relate to, and hoping that people will remember me because of it.

    I was scrolling on twitter when I read a tweet saying "Baby ill be your asymptotes so i can shape your curves". That tweet really made me smile and grin because I know what an asymptote is. It's kind of dirty joke and I don't plan to use it to hit girls but it was really funny tho. I chose Asymptote to be my new IGN because it's a term in mathematics, and I can relate to it since I am a Civil Engineering student. What's more relatable about asymptotes is that Asymptotes who get closer and closer to each other but will never be together. Have you ever fallen in love with someone but you just cant be together because of some reasons. It sucks but it happen sometimes. I just hope it wont happen to you. Let's just all move on and let WarRock take the sadness away. 

    Thanks for reading troopers! See you in game.

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