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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Do ya feel lucky, merc? In this unique GM Event, battle with the GMs in order to win lucky draw tickets based on your performance! Each week, we will hold a lucky draw in which the mightiest of weapons are up for grabs, and the more you participate, the higher your chances of winning something.


- Mon, Wed, Fri Evenings


- On the above days, the GMs will host a match and announce the room and password via lobby announcement.

- Participate in glorious battle. Based on whether you were MVP, on the winning team, or losing team, you will be awarded 4, 2, or 1 Lucky Draw tickets, which will be logged in our record. 

- Every Monday, we will use a random number generator to choose players with lucky draw tickets to win one of the rewards below. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning something.

- Once prizes are awarded, all lucky draw tickets from the previous week are reset to zero and the process begins again.

- You can only participate once a day.

- Abusive behavior can and will disqualify you from this event.

- The prizes below are subject to change.


- 1 Winner: MSR Omega 14d
- 1 Winner: MSR Phoenix 14d
- 1 Winner: NZ1 Blazing Glory 14d 
- 1 Winner: HK416 VTG Specter 14d
- 1 Winner: Kriss Vector Azure 14d
- 5 Winners: 50, 000 Gold
- 5 Winners: AK47 7d
- 5 Winners: MDR Tuning 7d

Team BlackShot
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