Dubai to SEA Server

xSlimexSlime Posts: 0Member Beginner
Hi! Can we request to add dubai to sea server instead of gloabl. Many filipino players are based here in dubai. In global we only get 2 ping bars while 3 ping bars in sea server.


  • RoguePapayaRoguePapaya Posts: 74Papaya Play, WR Lead GM Beginner
    Hi xSlime,

    Thank you for the suggestion. We cannot promise but we will see what we can do.
  • yourdamanyourdaman Posts: 4Member Beginner
    I have the same case. I have better ping at sea. I heard that Bahrain is in sea and they have full ping.
  • yourdamanyourdaman Posts: 4Member Beginner
    Dubai should be in SEA server.
  • jhonnyloloyjhonnyloloy Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I have a smooth gameplay at sea than at global while I was in Dubai. It's a good idea to include dubai in sea server.
  • dadulavincent07dadulavincent07 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Yes! better to make add the Dubai Region in SEA server because a lot of Filipino WarRock Players are based in the Middle East. Here in Bahrain i got only 1 bar when playing SEA server and 2 bars in Global. Hope the HGM Can do something about this.
  • yourdamanyourdaman Posts: 4Member Beginner
    This is good if papaya admin can make it happen. I hope they will look onto this one. UAE to sea server.
  • cramyyu111cramyyu111 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    This is what I'm hoping for. Please make it happen, UAE to sea server.
  • cramyyu111cramyyu111 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    I just recently back into playing warrock but I am currently living in Abu dhabi. I want to play with my friends and clanmates. HGMs and admin, please hear our request.
  • aries04aries04 Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Please also include QATAR to S.E.A Server
  • svengaltsvengalt Posts: 13Member Beginner
    S.E.A Server has the largest players in WR Server.
  • HGMKimbleHGMKimble Posts: 37Member, WR Game Master Beginner
    Hi To All,

    Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate your time and effort in playing this game from different Country / Region.

    We will send you an update with regards to this matter, but no promises.

    I am now closing this thread and if you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Thank you,

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