Unregistered user problem

dindila444dindila444 Posts: 6Member Beginner
hi guys. so i have this issue now.. im tring to connect and im getting the unregistered user thing. what is it? how can i overcome it? papaya deleted my acc?! my nickname is ZaziBazaZi


  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 412Member Intermediate
    Hi @dindila444,

    first of all PapayaPlay doesn't delete account randomly.
    Be sure that on the ID space you have write the correct ID.

    If you can't get out from this problem, just send a ticket at the Support System: https://support.papayaplay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
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  • DruidaDruida Posts: 220Member Trainee
    Hej dude support not active since 2017 u clikk on request and it log u out from website :)
  • RPcupiiidzRPcupiiidz Posts: 17Member Beginner
    maybe your details is incorrect.try to remember it.
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